Fire HD 10 Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Here is a great tablet from our list of the Best Tablets that will provide many services for you at a low cost. The Amazon Fire HD tablet provides a great visual experience for all your content on an impressive 1080p display. You can rest assured that the newly added USB C charging port will cut down on charging time compared to the usual micro USB design.

Why We Like It – Fire HD 10 Review

Amazon’s new Fire HD 10 is the best tablet out of the current line of Fire tablets. It has a display screen size of 10-inches with 1080p capabilities. The Fire OS provides a seamless experience with some of Amazon’s core products like Alexa, Amazon Prime Video, and more. It is a great budget tablet that even has some functions for the kids.

  • Dual Band Wi Fi
  • Freetime app
  • 2MP for both cameras is disappointing


Expect seamless navigation through various apps thanks to the octa core processor. Every tablet is packed with either 32GB or 64 GB internal storage, and it can be expandable up to 512GB, unlike the Lenovo Smart Tab M10 HD tablet that caps expandable storage at 256GB. Dual band wi fi provides 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz connections which helps the tablet find more internet access points. This tablet will maximize your Amazon content with features like the Hands-Free Alexa as well.


The Fire HD has color options of black, white, plum, and twilight blue. One significant factor that may push you away from this device is that it has no access to the Google Play store. That means you won’t have access to any third party apps, but at least the Amazon App store made sure to include most mainstream apps. You may find bliss in looking at Android tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab A T580 tablet which does have access to the play store. A fatal design flaw was the fact that a top tier Fire tablet is still only rocking a 2MP camera for both the front and rear camera. Any camera fanatics saddened by this news should definitely check out the Apple iPad 10.2-Inch Tablet, which has a much better camera.


A solid version of the Fire HD 10 is the kids edition. The kids edition provides parents with Freetime, which allows parents to create profiles for their kids to control screen time and manage the content that is accessible to them. Invest a bit more and you can use Freetime Unlimited, which provides a variety of kid-friendly tv shows. Whether this tablet will be for your kids or yourself, you will not be spending a fortune to enjoy all these features. For an entry level tablet with basic features, open our Zonko 10 1 inch tablet review.

Fire HD 10 Review Wrap Up

The Fire HD 10 is a solid tablet with many functions. You will be able to use the Amazon apps at your disposal but will be limited because of the absence of the Google Play store. While the camera may not provide the crispiest images, you can still enjoy your content on a 1080p 10-inch screen for an amazing 12 hours per charge.

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