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When you’re ready to move away from gas-powered mowers and onto electric mowers, the first obvious step is picking the best electric lawn mower, and that’s the EGO Power+ 20-inch is going to be your new best friend. Featuring reliable performance both in terms of cutting diameter and battery life, the Power+ can easily compete with gas mowers.

Why We Like It – EGO Mower Review

The Ego Mower Power+ 20-inch is the go-to electric mower, able to take on big yards with its long battery life and reliable performance.

  • Reliable performance
  • Awesome battery life
  • Easily stored
  • Isn’t self-propelled


With the Ego Power+’s large cutting deck of 20 inches, it’ll be able to cut large swathes of grass, whether it’s wet or high—easily matching the Greenworks 25022 in cutting diameter. What that does is effectively reduce the amount of time you’ll spend outside cutting grass, and leave more time for relaxation.

Speaking of time, the battery life on the Power+ is excellent. It’s got a 5Ah lithium-ion battery that can push run time to a solid 55 minutes, and it’s rechargeable.


Not being a self-propelled mower has to be the biggest downside to the Ego Power+. This means you’ll be pushing it around the yard to cut grass. And the Power+ isn’t exactly light, weighing in at about 80 lbs—similar to gas-powered lawn mowers. This is nearly four times heavier than the compact Sun Joe MJ401E-PRO.

Like other mowers, the Power+ has height adjustments—5, to specific, between 1.2-inches to 3.5-inchs. Additionally, it’s a 3-in-1 so it can switch between side discharge, mulch, or grass bag. That’s one more system than the American Lawn Mower 50514, which only has rear discharge and mulching.

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Given how large of a cutting diameter the Ego Power+ 20-inch has, its performance up against tall grass, twigs, and wet grass, and its battery life, you are getting an excellent deal here. This is especially true for individuals that aren’t lawn mower aficionados and simply need an electric lawn mower that works. It’ll last long, weather resistant, and it has an easy to use folding mechanism that makes storing it a breeze while taking up very little in your garage or shed.

EGO Mower Review Wrap Up

The Ego Power+ 20-inch is a reliable workhorse with an excellent battery life, build quality, and performance. This electric lawn mower won’t let you down for years to come. Sure, it isn’t a self-propelled electric mower, but it’s foldable design makes it easy for storage. And you can’t argue with the Power+’s results.

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