Dell S2417DG Review

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Updated October 20, 2022
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If you aren’t ready to step into 4K gaming, but want to move past 1080p, the Dell S2417DG Gaming Monitor could be your saving grace. Featuring 1440p resolution, it’s a great step forward in quality from 1080p. And with 165Hz refresh rate, with low input lag, it also delivers a great gaming experience. Should it be considered the best gaming monitor or not? How does it stack up against the best computer monitors?

Why We Like It – Dell S2417DG

The Dell S2417DG rounds out its gaming features—165Hz, 1440p, 1ms response time—within a 24-inch gaming monitor for a comfortable gaming experience.

  • 165Hz w/ NVIDIA G Sync technology
  • Outputs w/ 1440p resolution
  • Low input lag
  • HDMI port limited to 60Hz
  • Lacks HDR


The Dell S2417Dg may not be 4K, like the ASUS ROG Swift PG348Q, but having 1440p is a huge step forward in graphical fidelity. With a DisplayPort cable, it can achieve 165Hz with variable refresh rates to match your GPU through NVIDIA’s G-Sync technology for flicker free performance. And with a very low input lag of about 4 to 15ms, depending on settings. However, HDMI locks your refresh rate to 60Hz. Furthermore, HDR would’ve been appreciated, considering the TN panel’s average picture quality.

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The Dell S2417DG didn’t go overboard with its design. You might actually mistake it for an office monitor, despite its clearly gamer-centered performance. The stand itself can tilt, pivot, swivel, and have its height adjusted. As a bonus, there’s a small hole for better cable management, which is much appreciated. It has thin bezels that are just thin enough to support a competent multi-display setup. With a 24-inch screen (16:9 aspect ratio), 1440p looks perfect—not too big, nor too small.

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Is Dell crazy for asking you to cough up $470 for the Dell S2417DG? It depends on your budget and what you want from a gaming monitor. If performance matters most—refresh rate, response time—but resolution isn’t a major concern, we suggest picking the ASUS ROG PG279Q. It has a 1080p model that overclocks to 180Hz, 1ms response time, and a 24-inch screen. It’s also $100 cheaper. You could settle on the ASUS VG245H, but it maxes out at 75Hz and 1ms response time.

Dell S2417DG Wrap Up

For those seeking performance, in addition to better resolution, we certainly recommend the ASUS ROG PG279Q. It has that crisp, clear 1440p resolution with high refresh rate, low input lag, and decent picture quality to bring everything together in a nice little package. But be warned: you lose out on some features using HDMI. We also would’ve appreciated HDR, though it isn’t entirely necessary.