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Core Max Abs Review

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Got a tight schedule? Can you at least spare 8 minutes every single day? Because with the Core Max Abs, all you need is 8 minutes a day to keep your core strength (and more) in shape, making it the best ab machine for busy people. It may be small, but it’s entirely capable of handling 8 different kinds of exercises.

Why We Like It – Core Max Abs

This home gym is small, compact, and can accommodate 8 different exercises to target core strength. The best part: you only need to spend 8 minutes a day.

  • Can perform 8 different exercises
  • Only asks for 8 minutes a day
  • Relatively small; easy to store
  • Oddly shaped; can’t transport easily


The Core Max Abs does not look like much compared to an Ab Doer 360, but believe it or not, this small home gym can accommodate 8 different kinds of exercises. The focus here is core strength, and with a combination of the mat and the handles, you can achieve that well-toned gut. You can perform sit ups, work on your shoulders, target glutes and thighs—all for just 8 minutes a day. That’s already way more variety than what the CAP Barbell offers. However, should you want to target your chest and back, upgrade to the Star Uno Ab Machine.


The Core Max Abs is uniquely designed to fold, making it really easy to store. Simply push two buttons in and fold the handles down. It makes it really flat, and since it isn’t a very large home gym, you can slide it underneath your bed or place it in a closet. However, it is oddly shaped even when folded, so it isn’t an ideal design for transportation; otherwise, the handles and mat are very comfortable, making those eight minutes a day that much easier to handle.


What Core Max created here with the Core Max Abs Total Body Workout Cardio Home Gym is a great device. For someone who doesn’t have a lot of time on their hands, 8 minutes every day isn’t asking too much. It performs well, it’s comfortable, and can easily be stored. For $70, we couldn’t ask for more. But then Core Max included a workout chart, nutrition guide, and workout digital download. It feels more like $100 worth of value, not $70.

Core Max Abs Wrap Up

It’s impressive that Core Max was able to design a compact home gym that can accommodate eight different exercises. What’s even more impressive is that it can give you a healthy workout for just 8 minutes a day. Since it’s oddly shaped in some areas, we wouldn’t recommend taking it anywhere—keep it at home.

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