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If you’re looking for the best way to clear snow from your walkway or driveway, take a look at this list of the best snowblower on the market. We’ve spent hours researching and evaluating the top performing snowblowers for maneuverability, power, ease of use and effectiveness. Getting quality outdoor gear can help you fulfill your tasks effectively. So, get the best snowblower that can deliver deep clear paths quickly and efficiently.

Our top pick and the best snowblower, the Greenworks 20-inch corded snow thrower, is a versatile and easy to maneuver efficient electric snowblower that gets the job done without making a lot of noise and smoke.

Top 7 Best Snowblower Compared

 #1  Greenworks 20-Inch Snowthrower

Award: Top Pick

WHY WE LIKE IT: A 180-degree directional chute and 7-inch wheels give this lightweight but good performing single stage snowblower excellent maneuverability. It’s great for those who are looking for a quiet yet fast and effective snowblower for small yards and driveways.

  • Near silent
  • Clears 10 inches of snow in a 20 inch wide path
  • One of the lightest snowblowers on the market at only 30 lbs
  • Corded – range limited by the need to use a cord/extension cord
  • Less powerful than the SnowJoe 15-amp electric snowblower
  • Doesn’t throw the snow as far as does the Briggs & Stratton (our #5 pick)

This corded electric snowblower from Greenworks clears an impressive 20” wide path and cuts up to ten inches of snow depth. At 13 amps, it may not be the most powerful electric snow thrower on the market–the battery powered Snow Joe 18” (our #3 pick) packs 15 amps–but the Greenworks 20-inch clears a wider and deeper path through the snow.

It’s corded electric design gives it the advantage of an unlimited run time, and as long as you have a long enough outdoor extension cord on hand it easily retains enough range to clear out a small or medium sized driveway, or to clear off a walkway through your yard. It clears snow all the way to pavement level. When the snow leaves check out the riding best riding lawn mower.

 #2  Snow Joe 18” 40 Volt Cordless Snow Blower

Award: Honorable Mention

WHY WE LIKE IT: Powered by a rechargeable battery, this lightweight electric snowblower gives you the freedom of a self-powered snowblower with the quietness and reduced emissions of an electric unit. It’s great for those who need a snowblower light enough to hoist onto a deck or raised patio, or don’t have a convenient place to plug in a corded snow thrower.

  • Best cordless
  • Cord free electric operation
  • Weighs only 32 lbs
  • Less powerful than the Snow Joe 15 amp (our #3 pick)
  • Battery life limits use time; 50 minutes
  • More expensive than the Greenworks corded snowblower

This cordless electric snowblower clears snow straight down to the surface of a paved driveway or concrete walkway without damaging it, thanks to rubber blades at the base of its steel auger. It also features a rotating 180-degree chute and an LED headlamp, so you can see what you’re doing when clearing snow in the predawn hours.

Battery life is pretty good, with its 4.0 amp hour battery giving it an estimated 50 minute run time, longer than most battery powered snowblowers on the marekt. A dual slot charger is included with this cordless electric snow thrower kit. While the Snow Joe 40 Volt clears snow at a respectable 495 lbs per minute, which is still a bit less than the more powerful corded electric snowblowers out there, such as Snow Joe’s 15 amp model (our #3 pick.) However, the 40 Volt version benefits from a headlight as well as an auto-rotational chute. It casts snow up to 20 feet away. When winter is over check out the best charcoal grill.

 #3  Snow Joe 15 Amp Electric Snowblower

Award: Best electric snowblower for large driveways

WHY WE LIKE IT: It tosses away up to 720 lbs of snow per minute and clears a 10” deep path, without the noise or smoke of similarly powerful gas machines. It’s great for those who want the quiet and convenience of a maintenance free electric snowblower but have to deal with relatively heavy snowfall.

  • 720 lbs of snow per minute
  • Clears down to surface with a 4-blade steel auger
  • 23 W Halogen headlight
  • Limited by extension cord range
  • Heavier than our top pick, the Greenworks corded snowblower
  • Cuts a narrower 18” path than the Greenworks with its 20” path

Powered by a strong, 15 Amp motor, this corded electric snowblower delivers snow clearing speed and depth on a par with gas powered snow blowers like the Briggs & Stratton 208 cc (our #4 pick) while costing less and not requiring gasoline. The 15-Amp corded snowblower from Snow Joe clears down to the pavement with a rubber tipped, 4-blade steel auger and can send snow flying up to 25 feet, or about 25 percent farther than the Snow Joe battery electric (our #2 pick.)

Like the Greenworks, this electric snow thrower’s main drawbacks are those inherent to the corded design. However, if your yard and driveway are within easy reach of a 120V plug and you need to deal with snow around 10” deep or so, this is a solid choice. It’s more powerful than the battery-powered Snow Joe 40V, and lighter than any gas powered snow blower. You can always look forward to better weather and the best portable grill.

 #4  Makita Cordless Blower

Award: Best Handheld

WHY WE LIKE IT: A handheld blower that works well for blowing snow, leaves, and other detritus off of walkways and clearing out hedges. It’s great for those looking for an all purpose blower to help with yard work and light snow clearing duties.

  • Best doorstep
  • Reaches spaces rolling snowblowers can’t
  • Weighs only about 17 lbs
  • Shorter battery life than the 40V Snow Joe snowblower
  • Not a dedicated snowblower
  • Not for clearing large areas of snow

This all purpose leaf blower and snowblower mixes year round utility with light weight and ease of use. Under 17 lbs, it comes with dual 18V batteries that give it a run time of up to 45 minutes and produces a max of 473 CFM with an air exit velocity of up to 120 mph. Thanks to its hand held design it works great for clearing light snow out of hard to reach areas such as along the edges of pathways and off of outdoor furniture and hand railings.

While you could use this for clearing light, powdery snow off of a walkway or driveway, it’s not designed primarily to clear pavement of snow. It doubles as a leaf blower and does work well for clearing out gutters and blowing dead leaves off your lawn, however. Be sure to also take a look at the PowerSmart 24 in. 212 cc Two-Stage Gas Snow Blower with Electric Start. With its versatile control panel, control-enabling chute rotation, and durable steel frame, this two-stage snow blower will help you tackle snowy yard work for many years to come. This great tool can also throw snow up to 40 feet and allows a clearing width of 24 in. and depth of 20 in. Also, check out heaters to stay warm.

 #5  Briggs & Stratton 208 cc Snowblower

We’re sorry, this product is temporarily out of stock

Award: Best gas powered

WHY WE LIKE IT: A powerful yet still maneuverable and fuel efficient snow blower for medium to large driveways, with a 4-stroke gas engine that sends snow up to 30 feet. It works well for those with longer driveways and no convenient place to plug in or charge an electric snowblower.

  • Clears a 22” by 12.5” path
  • Throws snow up to 30 feet
  • 3 year warranty
  • Noisy compared to electric snowblowers
  • Requires more maintenance than corded electric models
  • More polluting than electric snowblowers

Relatively lightweight for a gas engine snowblower at just over 90 lbs, the Briggs & Stratton single stage 208 cc works well in medium sized to large yards and driveways between about 20 and 90 feet in length, in areas where noise and exhaust isn’t an issue. More portable than corded electric snow throwers and more powerful than the battery electric models such as the Snow Joe 40V (our #2 pick) this single stage snowblower makes quick work of heavy snow, clearing a path 22” wide by up to 12.5” deep, and throwing more snow than our top pick, the Greenworks electric snowblower.

For households that have other gas powered tools and/ or have motor oil and gasoline on hand, it may be more convenient than an electric snowblower that requires a plug or a battery charging. It has an electric push button starter that works down to -20 degrees F. Another gas powered snow blower is the Cub Cadet Two Stage Electric Start Gas Snow Blower which comes with power steering, a steel chute and remote chute control crank, and a wide range of clearing width options. You may also want to read about the best space heater for a large room.

 #6  Powerworks 60V Li-Ion Brushless Snow Thrower

Award: Most powerful cordless snow blower

WHY WE LIKE IT: The most powerful cordless electric snowblower on our list, clears a 10” deep by 20” wide track through even wet and heavy snow. It’s great for those living in areas where the noise of a gas powered snowblower would be unwelcome but where there isn’t a convenient place to plug in a corded electric snow blower.

  • 4 year warranty
  • 60V brushless motor handles wet snow
  • 10” x 20” clearing path, matching the Greenworks, our top pick
  • Battery life limits run time compared to gas and corded models
  • 4.0 Ahr battery and charger sold separately
  • Batteries must be stored at above freezing temperature when not in use

While the concept of a Li-Ion battery electric snowblower presents lots of technical challenges, they clearly have not proven insurmountable, as this effective and powerful 60V Li-Ion brushless motor snowblower from Powerworks demonstrates. It cuts a 10” x 20” track though even heavy and slushy snow, and has a 180-degree rotating chute and an easy to use control handle. The handle folds away for storage when not in use. For the fall, take a look at the best leaf blower.

7” wheels help maneuverability, and the control surfaces are coated in high grip, freeze-resistant plastic for ease of use. While the Powerworks 60V snowblower is effective, there are still some limitations based on the Li-Ion batteries, which, annoyingly, are sold separately, as is their charger. The batteries should be stored indoors and kept from freezing, and the run time diminishes the colder it gets, meaning this may not be the best choice for locations with truly extreme (-15 degrees F or lower) temperatures. Speaking of temps, read our best garage heaters buyer guide. A snowblower is an essential piece of outdoor gear during the winter and one that will save your back from a lot of pain due to shoveling snow. If you want to check out ropes with super soft cotton, no harmful dyes, and different lengths and widths, open our best rope guide.

 #7  TACKLIFE 15 Amp Single Stage Snowblower

We’re sorry, this product is temporarily out of stock

Award: Best electric snow blower for sidewalks

WHY WE LIKE IT: This corded electric snowblower claims to match the performance of gas powered snowblowers like the Briggs & Stratton 208cc, but produces minimal noise and emissions and requires no oiling or tune ups. It’s great for those with heavy snow and convenient access to a heavy duty outdoor plug.

  • Class leading 800lbs of snow per minute
  • Throws snow up to 30’, the most of any electric snow thrower on our list
  • Rotating and tilting chute
  • Requires access to heavy duty outdoor plug
  • More expensive than the Snow Joe 15 Amp
  • Not as effective for wet snow as the Briggs & Stratton 208 cc

This corded electric snowblower is rated to throw an impressive 800 lbs of snow per minute, which is more than the similarly powered Snow Joe 15 Amp electric snowblower. It uses a 3000 rpm motor and features rubber tipped steel auger blades with a rubber base so that it can clear down to the surface of a paved area without damage. It clears a 20” by 10” swath, like our top pick, the Greenworks corded snowblower. Thanks to its rotating and angled chute, you can choose the direction and also the height of the snow throwing.

While the machine is mainly constructed of durable metals and most of the handles and covers are made of anti-freezing plastic, being a corded machine it’s only as rugged as the extension cord you use. But, if you have a conveniently located heavy duty outdoor plug and a weatherized cord, this electric snowblower is worth a look. Also, the best ski boots will come in handy this time of year. We have an entire best skiing section. Now, If you and your staff have a large site to cover, and you want an easier way of communiting, you need a walkie talkie. To get more options, read our best walkie talkie guide.

How we decided

In order to bring you the best snowblowers on the market, we looked at track width and height, the size of the path cleared through the snow as well as the distance the snow gets thrown. We found that the best affordable snowblowers are capable of clearing a 20-inch wide by 10-inch high track, and so we narrowed down the list to those that promise at least 18” of track width.

We also selected only those snowblowers with rotating chutes, so you can change the direction of the snow throwing. We wanted models that cleared snow straight down to the pavement, allowing for a snow free corridor along your walkway or driveway.

For electric snow blowers, we chose models with at least 13 Amps of power, or 40 volts worth of battery for cordless electric snow blowers. For the gas-powered snow blowers for large driveways and yards, we required they be able to move at least 700 lbs of snow per minute.

Snowblowers Buying Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Rotating Chute
    When choosing a snow blower for your driveway, check to see the range of adjustments of the snowblower chute. The best snowblowers offer 180 degree swiveling, so you can avoid blowing snow from the driveway onto your car or your neighbor’s walkway. Some also offer pitch adjustment, as with the TACKLIFE 15 Amp, our #7 pick.
  2. Auger Blades
    Typically made of freeze-resistant polymer or steel with rubber tips, the auger blades are responsible for channeling the snow into the “mouth” of the snowblower. Steel blades are generally more durable, but may require oiling. Plastic or rubber edges allow the snowblower to clear a path all the way down to pavement.
  3. Power Type
    While gas and electric snow blowers each have their advantages, it’s important to choose which one works for you based on your location and needs. Gas snowblowers, like the 4-stroke 208cc models from Briggs & Stratton (our #5 pick) offer more range and run time, but also tend to be noisy and to require more maintenance. Battery electric snowblowers offer freedom of movement, and are typically lighter than gas models, but their run time is limited to generally 30-45 minutes. There are also single and two stage gas snow blowers. If you have a longer driveway, two stage snow blowers may be a worthwhile investment to save you time and a headache while clearing snow multiple inches deep. Some two-stage models tends to be pricey, so when researching, consider what you really need.

Snowblower FAQs

Gas vs Electric – which is better?

It depends on your needs and where you live. Gas and electric snow blowers each have their advantages. Electric snow blowers like the Greenworks (our top pick) are less polluting, don’t require you to buy gas cans or have extra motor oil on hand, and are in general easier to maintain. Battery electric snow blowers give you the mobility and freedom of a gas powered unit without the noise and smoke, while being in general slightly heavier than AC corded snow blowers. Often those living in urban or suburban areas prefer electric snow blowers. Gas snow blowers have the advantage, on the other hand, of a longer run time than you get with battery-powered snow blowers. The Briggs & Stratton 208 cc can go for hours on a single tank of gas, whereas Li-Ion electric snow blowers max out at around 50 minutes of run time. However, 4-stroke gas engine snow blowers are much heavier than their electric counterparts; the Briggs & Stratton single stage weighs in around 90 lbs, compared to the Greenworks electric snow blower at 30 lbs.

How much maintenance do snowblowers need?

For gas-powered snow blowers like the Briggs & Stratton 208cc, maintenance is typical of small 4-stroke, air-cooled devices. Little more than adding gas and making sure the oil is clean and at the correct level should be necessary. Corded electric snowblowers like the Greenworks (our top pick) are advertised as maintenance-free. For improved performance, some suggest spraying the snowblower chute and auger blades with WD-40 or another spray-on lubricant.

Do these work with wet or slushy snow?

For wet or slushy snow, some models work better than others. If you typically deal with slush, a higher powered model with either a brushless electric motor or a gas engine may be preferable.

Are these difficult to use?

The best snow blowers are pretty straightforward and easy to use; the Greenworks (our top pick) weights just 30 lbs and has grippy, 7-inch wheels, making it easy to push around and maneuver. A simple, large lever controls the chute, and a single button handles starting duties.

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