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Updated June 1, 2023

To find the best medicine ball on the market, we went through extensive research and compiled a list of 32 highly recommended products. From there, we narrowed down our list to seven according to suitability for all skill levels and core exercises, bounce level, secure grip, and durability of materials.

After rigorous research, we awarded the DynaPro as our best medicine ball because of its unique, cutting-edge features: burst-resistant casing and no-slip diamond grip. Read on to find out more about it and other great exercise equipment.

Top 7 Best Medicine Balls

 #1  DynaPro Medicine Ball


WHY WE LIKE IT: Durable, burst-resistant, and perfectly weighted to suit all skill levels, this pick was built for high-intensity workouts. Its strong rubber casing and textured, dual-surface exterior guarantees a secure, non-slip grip for even the sweatiest palms.

  • Best quality
  • Burst-resistant casing
  • Delivers twice the bounce
  • Rubbery smell might be strong

Given its unique, expert construction paired with its excellent performance, the DynaPro deserves nothing less than top pick. Its high durability makes it the best medicine ball for slams. You can pretty much use it at full power with no worries thanks to its burst-resistant, sturdy rubber casing. DynaPro offers five weight options; you can get this medicine ball at 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12lbs.

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The DynaPro’s no-slip diamond grip is also worth noting. There are two different textures on the med ball’s casing; a diamond pattern on the black surface and a marble texture for the rest. This combination guarantees a steady, secure grip no matter what activity you’re performing—and at any level of intensity. Plus, it’s ideal for both solo and partnered exercises. Durable, resilient, and easy to handle, the DynaPro is an excellent, all-around addition to your fitness arsenal. You can compare this to the best exercise ball you can buy.

 #2  Valeo Rubber Medicine Ball


WHY WE LIKE IT: Suitable for most weighted exercises, this medicine ball’s performance is off the charts. It boasts a solid, hefty weight that’s perfect for high-impact circuit training, core strengthening, or overall fine body conditioning.

  • Best on a budget
  • Extremely durable and well-balanced
  • Minimizes risk of intense recoil
  • Bounce is somewhat average

Weighted balls are a great way to strengthen your core muscles and increase the intensity of your workout. If you’re looking for a weighted ball that can withstand some rough handling, the Valeo medicine ball is a great choice. Its robust rubber construction effortlessly absorbs intense impact and evenly redistributes it throughout the core. It has five color-coded weight options: 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12lbs.

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As a “hard” medicine ball, its weight and heft slightly compromise its bounce. However, it works exceptionally well as a solid resistance to supplement core, balance, and muscle-conditioning activities. It even comes with an exercise wall chart for basic training—perfect for beginners who don’t have a personal trainer to guide them. For a great ab workout, read about the best ab machine.

 #3  Champion Sports Medicine Ball


WHY WE LIKE IT: This pick’s balanced weight distribution and synthetic-leather, non-slip grip makes it the best medicine ball for crossfit. Suitable for all skill levels, from beginner to expert, it’s one of the most versatile options on the market.

  • Best for a wide array of exercise types
  • Extremely durable and well-balanced
  • Fine powder filling promises softer impact
  • Not ideal for floor slams

The Champion Sports medicine balls are inclusive and incredibly versatile. They’re encased in a non-slip synthetic leather that’s softer and more forgiving than hard rubber; perfect for beginners. Though not as ideal for floor slams, these still offer the same weight and grip needed for basic to advanced training.

Their size and weight variations, softer exterior, reinforced stitching, and fine powder filling make them suitable for beginners and enthusiasts who prefer light to low-impact activities. However, every variation has enough heft to it so you can do the best medicine ball exercises that have higher intensity. It’s a great option to increase your fitness fast and this ball comes in eight weight options, starting from 4-5lbs to 21-22lbs. Now, if you are into squats, the best squat workout equipment is up your alley.

 #4  j/fit Soft Medicine Ball


WHY WE LIKE IT: This heavy-duty medicine ball with a triple-stitched soft shell is incredibly balanced. Its overall performance and intended design (lack of significant bounce) make it by far the best choice for one-on-one and one-on-wall workouts.

  • Bounce optimized
  • Incredibly balanced
  • Wide variety of weight options
  • Not ideal for high-intensity workouts

For its intended purpose—which is wall exercises and one-on-wall training—the j/fit soft medicine wall ball is one of the best medicine balls that money can buy. Its well-executed design, soft rubber shell, and even weight distribution make it an optimal choice for aerobic endurance training, throwing exercises, and wall training. It has 10 weight options, starting from 4lbs up to 30lbs—all with a diameter of 14”, except for the 4-lb ball that has a diameter of 9”.

The j/fit laser-cut fitness soft wall ball is perfectly weighted and sized for individual or group workouts. Its tough leather exterior allows you to toss, roll, and throw it as needed without risk of tearing. It’s also pliable enough to absorb and evenly redistribute impact energy so that it doesn’t significantly bounce or ricochet. While not ideal for floor slams, its sturdy rubber construction does make it very versatile, and it’s definitely durable enough to withstand a number of mid-intensity workouts. You may also want to workout using the best door anchor.

 #5  SPRI Xerball Medicine Ball


WHY WE LIKE IT: Encased in premium rubber that exponentially improves the bounce, this all-purpose medicine ball is best suited for dynamic, high-speed workouts. It’s also incredibly easy to handle given its textured, non-slip surface and compact size.

  • Great bounce
  • Easy to handle
  • Very well balanced
  • Relatively pricier

Compact and covered in textured, non-slip heavy rubber, the SPRI Xerball medicine ball handles like a dream. All 11 weight variations (2lbs to 30lbs) are color-coded and come in the same 10” diameter. This is ideal for beginners, as it can help them transition to different weight levels without having to readjust their grip to accommodate the new size.

The ball’s bounce is definitely one of the best we researched, and it can be attributed to its premium rubber casing and solid, even weight distribution. Slamming it on the floor will result in it bouncing back as high as chest level, making it easy to build a rhythm for repeated exercise circuits. For a strong, durable med ball, Xerball Medicine Balls are a fantastic choice! Its hollow center also eliminates the risk of internal weight shifting during repetitive activity, and its sturdiness and durability are all above industry standard. Pair low impact workouts with SPRI XI with the best thermogenic supplements if you’re looking for an easy way to lose weight at home.

Another popular model from SPRI is the SPRI Dual Grip Xerball. As the name suggests the SPRI Dual Grip offers duals grips that allow for both one-handed and two-handed exercise routines.

 #6  CAP Barbell Medicine Ball


WHY WE LIKE IT: Coupling its compact, 7” diameter with a slightly tacky coating, this medicine ball practically sticks to your hands. It won’t slip from your grip regardless of room temperature, activity level, and workout intensity.

  • Thick, durable rubber long lasting rubber
  • Extremely smooth on the hands while providing a firm grip
  • Secure grip regardless of sweat
  • Tacky coating smell may be strong

Whether you’re new to medicine ball training or a veteran looking to replace your current lineup, the CAP Barbell’s medicine ball is a solid choice. The quality of the product, from design to reliability, is off the charts. It’s durable, well-textured, and comes in distinct colors that indicate the six different weight options, varying from 2lbs to 12lbs.

On our list, this one was the easiest to handle at all weight levels and all workout intensities. There was no need to switch to gloves or grip aids at any point during the research. Though not designed for slamming exercises, the CAP Barbell’s medicine ball is slightly more versatile than our 4th pick. It’s capable of withstanding a high-stress environment or high-impact workouts on occasion. But overall, it’s best to stick to floor exercises, aerobic workouts, body conditioning, and wall activities with this medicine ball.

 #7  AmazonBasics Medicine Ball


WHY WE LIKE IT: This pick is versatile enough to easily incorporate in almost any exercise, making it the best medicine ball for baseball training. Although there are others available at a lower price, none of them perform quite as spectacularly as AmazonBasics.

  • Great for baseball training
  • Solid bounce and durability
  • Evenly distributed weight
  • Strong rubber scent

Most medicine balls at this price range are pretty hit-or-miss. This isn’t the case with the AmazonBasics medicine ball. It’s tough, durable, made of premium materials, and boasts a well-executed design. It offers 10 weight options, ranging from 4lbs up to 20lbs, perfect for exercises that train your upper and lower body.

As far as performance goes, it’s one of the best medicine ball weights. Its weight distribution is solid, its textured surface guarantees a secure grip, and its resilience is definitely above average. For its price point, this is truly a tough one to beat.

How We Decided

When choosing the best medicine balls, we prioritized inclusivity. We know that not everyone who buys medicine balls is an experienced athlete with a high-tech home gym. So we chose products that are suitable for all skill levels—whether through their cut and design or through their extensive size-and-weight options.

We then focused on grip and handling. We knew that the heavier the weight, the higher the risk of intense injury. So medicine balls that were cumbersome, slippery, or proved too awkward to handle were immediately booted from our list. The only medicine balls we wanted to recommend were ones that had decent non-slip measures in place.

Next, we considered the bounce of each ball. Because the bounce is linked to the type of exercise you can do, we opted for a list that covers products with a high bounce and little to no bounce. We chose med balls with a high bounce that are ideal for squats and tosses. Meanwhile, we chose balls with little to no bounce for push-ups and plank exercises.

We also took the durability of materials into consideration. Medicine ball exercises are often intense and repetitive, so we preferred those that are long-lasting and built for repeated use. We also made sure to exclusively choose items with a highly sturdy texture and heavy-duty casing. Bonus points were given to products that suited for both solo and partnered exercises.

Best Medicine Ball Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Durability
    Choose a medicine ball that’s solidly constructed and uses high-quality materials. Whether it’s made of rubber or high-density cloth, the ball needs to have a heavy-duty build. Look for products with reinforced stitching; better if it has triple stitching for added durability. Also, consider medicine balls that guarantee good shape retention so that your ball keeps its shape and remains well-balanced.
  2. Use Value
    While many medicine balls are multipurpose, keep in mind that many models are designed for specific exercises. Some medicine balls aren’t meant to be slam balls. Others lack the bounce and balance needed to be wall balls. Always consider their use value with regard to your specific situation. Do you just want to experiment with medicine balls? Are you looking to replace your current workout set for something more versatile?
  3. Weight
    When choosing the weight for your medicine ball, it’s best to start with a light one, especially if you’re a beginner. The range for novices is usually 4lbs to 6lbs. Starting out with a light medicine ball allows you to be more familiar with the equipment, helping you gain endurance and strength more consistently.
  4. Material
    When selecting a medicine ball, we recommend taking your activity level and workout terrain into consideration. Items made of high-density cloth and low-bounce rubber are usually great for slamming. Casings made of hard rubber are better suited for tossing, catching, and walling exercises.
  5. Bounce
    Considering the bounce for your ball depends on the workouts you want to have. Balls with a decent bounce are good for tossing and catching. No-bounce balls, on the other hand, suit planks and push-ups. Aside from suiting your workout routine, deciding on a ball’s bounce is important for keeping safe and avoiding injuries.
  6. Maintenance
    Most medicine balls simply need to be wiped clean once or twice weekly to prevent oil and dirt buildup. Others may need to be re-inflated every month, or they may only be cleaned using a specific cleansing agent. There’s no best model in terms of maintenance. It’s all a matter of preference and situation. So make sure you pick a medicine ball that suits your expectations.

Medicine Ball FAQs

Are medicine balls good?

Yes, medicine balls are great for helping athletes develop explosive strength and stronger reactions. In fact, many professionals swear by medicine balls. Medicine balls are one way to optimize your strength training and improve your core stability.

Why is it called a “medicine” ball?

The term “medicine ball” was first coined by Professor Roberts in 1889. Roberts apparently used the word “medicine” in reference to the fact that using these weighted workout balls could invigorate the body, promote digestion, and ultimately preserve and restore one’s health. Since “health” and “medicine” were considered synonymous several hundred years ago, the term “medicine ball” seemed apt. And so it stuck.

What is the best medicine ball to buy?

Look for reputable brands that deliver well-made products for long-lasting use. It also depends on what you want to use them for, so it’s best to consider the workouts you’ll be doing and adjust accordingly.

Will using a medicine ball help me to lose weight?

Losing weight involves a lot more factors than just exercise. Diet and general lifestyle habits are both contributing factors to metabolism and fat burn. However, medicine balls, as a supplement or alternative to dumbbells, can be used to help build muscle. As studies show, having more muscle helps you effectively burn more fat.

What is a slam ball?

A slam ball is similar to a medicine ball. They are weighted, rubber-coated balls that can be used in a variety of exercises. Though there is one crucial difference between slam balls and medicine balls is their surface. Slam balls have a thicker surface making them ideal for high-impact throwing exercises.
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