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Updated June 1, 2023

The best exercise balls are an excellent way to increase core strength and keep more muscles engaged during workouts, such as yoga, Pilates, and weight training. Choosing the wrong one can result in incorrect body alignment or injury. Our evaluation focused on size, materials, anti-burst rating, and safety. We also looked into auxiliary features such as included hand pumps.

After more than 12 hours of research, our top pick goes to the Dynapro Exercise Ball. It is made of non-slip PVC with a 2,000 burst rating and 4 available size options to double as a desk chair or birthing aid. Performing exercises on it feels sturdy and well supported. Keep reading to learn more about the Dynapro Exercise Ball and six others that made the cut. We also recommend our guide on the best exercise equipment.

Top 7 Best Exercise Balls

 #1  Dynapro Exercise Ball


WHY WE LIKE IT: This is the best exercise ball for heavy person, comes with a massive 2,000-pound burst rating and made using burst-resistant PVC. It is a great choice for commercial gyms.

  • Best for heavy people
  • Very durable
  • Cut-resistant
  • Flimsy hand pump
  • Takes 10-15 minutes to pump with regular pressure
  • No instruction manual

Thanks to this exercise ball’s 2275 micrometer-thick PVC material, it is incredibly resilient on gyms floors or the occasional sharp object. A 2,000-pound burst rating helps it withstand high bounce, high impact exercises, as well as heavy weight. Bonus points for its 4 available size options (45 cm, 55 cm, 65 cm, 75cm), which offers flexibility for use as a desk ball chair or Pilates aid.

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We love this exercise ball’s ribbed surface, which makes it a pleasure to sit and lean against. While performing knee tucks and hamstring curls, the ball kept our knees and heels fully stabilized without any slippage or wonky movement. We feel really comfortable using this exercise ball for all types of exercises. Older folks will want to check out the best recumbent bike for seniors for good exercise.

 #2  URBNFit Exercise Ball


WHY WE LIKE IT: This exercise ball is made from tough PVC material with a 2000-pound anti-burst rating. It is a great choice for weighted exercises such as chest/shoulder presses and bicep curls.

  • Best quality
  • Available in five sizes (45 cm-85 cm)
  • Detailed workout guide
  • Takes a while to fully deflate
  • So-so air pump quality
  • Some people may not like grainy and slightly bumpy texture

While researching, this exercise ball retained air very well. Each dip and curl reverted the ball to its original shape. With five sizes ranging from 45 cm to 85 cm, this exercise ball is great for all types of uses, including as a home office chair. This makes it a winner in our book.

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We love this exercise’s non-slip and textured surface, which really “locks” in your back and chest with no slippage. It is also stable enough for limb isolation, good with hamstring curls and pikes. Bonus points for its digital workout guide with helpful illustrations for more than 20 different exercises. The best body fat monitor is another great fitness tool to keep you healthy.

 #3  PROMIC Exercise Ball


WHY WE LIKE IT: This exercise ball comes in five sizes (45-85cm) and a 1100-pound burst resistance rating. With its lower burst rating than our first two picks, it is a better choice for stretching and light exercises.

  • Great for stretching
  • BPA-free
  • Includes foot pump
  • May feel sticky on skin
  • Odd smell after opening
  • Pump feels flimsy

This exercise ball is very durable, withstanding cuts as much as 2 cm deep. A non-slip, textured surface makes it comfortable to use. While researching, a hip abductor and simple lat stretch felt really supported. At no point did our hands and forearms slide off the ball. Kudos for being BPA-free, as it has been known to cause serious health effects in humans.

We like this exercise ball for its foot pump, which includes back-up plugs to inflate the ball using a lot less pressure than a hand pump. Though we do appreciate the foot pump, it does take a while to inflate the ball, needing 24 hours to “top it off” to the correct size. Just keep your back healthy during exercise and speaking of your back, the best posture corrector can help.

 #4  Live Infinitely Exercise Ball


WHY WE LIKE IT: This is the best exercise ball for desk, rated at 2200 pounds with the largest range of sizing on our list (55 cm to 95 cm). It is a great choice for anyone looking for a desk chair replacement.

  • Great for desks
  • Largest size (95 cm)
  • BPA and phthalate-free
  • So-so 1 year warranty
  • Some user reported more of an egg than a rounded shape

We love this exercise ball’s versatility, usable as a workout or desk chair, coming in five different sizes – 55 cm, 65 cm, 75 cm, 85 cm, and 95 cm. While researching, its non-slip ridged surface was a pleasure to sit in. It also comes in more of an egg shape, as opposed to rounded, so we recommend it more as a desk chair than a workout ball.

This exercise ball is also BPA and phthalate-free. Phthalate has been proved to lower sex hormone and fertility levels in humans, so this is very reassuring. Bonus points for its free workout ebook, which offers the most detailed instructions of all the guides we reviewed on this list. If you are lifting heavy things, the best lifting belt will keep you safe.

 #5  BalanceFrom Anti-Burst and Slip Resistant Exercise Ball


WHY WE LIKE IT: This is the best exercise ball for pregnancy with a non-slip surface and BPA-free material.. It is a great choice if you want to relieve pressure on your pelvis and lower back caused by your ever expanding belly.

  • Great for desks
  • Largest size (95 cm)
  • BPA-free
  • Some users reported stickiness
  • So-so smell
  • Customer service could be better

This exercise ball also comes in five size options from 38 cm to 85 cm, making it good for pregnant women of different sizes/at different stages of pregnancy. It is very comfortable to use, with a non-slip ridged texture that grips the limbs and back well. We also recommend it when rehabbing from injuries where feeling supported is much needed.

This exercise ball is free of BPA and heavy metals, which is proven to cause health defects and skin irritation. Bonus points for being easy to clean, only needing soap and water and a wipe to dry. If you’re looking for a workout that’s a bit more low impact, take a look at the best recumbant bike for seniors.

 #6  Trideer Exercise Ball


WHY WE LIKE IT: This exercise ball offers a great lifetime customer warranty and a BPA and heavy metal-free construction. This works for anyone who wants assurance the product can be returned at any time in case of any defects.

  • Very solid
  • Comfortable, anti-slip texture
  • Non-toxic & BPA-free
  • Flimsy foot pump
  • Some users reported color misrepresentation
  • So-so customer service

This exercise ball does an excellent job with all types of exercises and routines including Yoga, pilates, and posture relieving exercises. Rated at 2200 pounds, it can also support compound exercises with heavy weights – ideal for commercial gyms. Coming in five sizes from 45 cm to 85 cm, it can even be used as a desk chair for the average-sized person.

With a 2.5mm thickness, it is noticeably thicker than most exercise balls on the list. We felt properly supported. In our research, pec and lying side stretches felt as equally comfortable as chest presses and chest flys using two 15 pound and two 30 pound weights.

 #7  Black Mountain Products 2000lbs Static Strength Exercise Ball


WHY WE LIKE IT: This is one of the best exercise balls, with an included pump and five size options from 45 cm to 85 cm.

  • Sturdy
  • Great back support
  • Doubles as a desk chair
  • Thin hand pump
  • Thinner than average plastic

This exercise ball is made of durable plastic, which has a 2,000-pound weight limit/rating. It works well with compound exercises, with dumbbells heavy creating added stress on the ball. Different size options from 45 cm to 85 cm make it work for all types of exercises and needs, including as a birthing ball, Pilates assistant, or light stretching.

While researching, we put this exercise ball through research with a set of light and heavy exercise, including plank steps, crunches, and chest flys. We even propped the ball against the wall for a set of ball squats. All moves felt very supported and comfortable with no slippage. We appreciate its thin ridges for support.

How We Decided

In determining the best exercise ball to buy, we considered burst resistance, material, non-BPA/phthalate-free standard, and sizing options. We recommend exercise balls with a 2000 pound weight rating, good enough to perform heavy dumbbell compound exercises for large people. It’s also a great fit in commercial gyms, buffing against added stress due to everyday wear and tear.

Our recommended exercise balls use non-BPA and phthalate-free PVC and rubber. In terms of comfort, PVC is best, followed by rubber and plastic. BPA is known to cause adverse health effects in humans.

Sizing options should also be a consideration. Our picks range from 38 to 95 mm, working with many different uses from light workouts to use as desk chairs. The right sized exercise ball depends on the height, with 45 cm recommended for people 5 feet and under, 55 cm for users from 5’1 to 5’7″, 65 cm for users 5’8″ to 6’1″. and 75 cm for 6’2″ and above. If used as desk chairs, use desk height and comfortable arm position as a deciding factor.

Best Exercise Ball Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Sizing Options
    Our picks range from 38 cm to 95 cm, which accommodates all different types of exercises and uses. Our #4 pick, the Live Infinitely Exercise Ball, offers the best exercise ball size range (45 cm to 95 cm). If used as a desk chair, determine the correct size by checking that your knees should form a 90-degree angle when sitting.
  2. Material
    Our favorite exercise ball material is PVC, followed by rubber and plastic. Look for a BPA-free and phthalate-free rated exercise ball. We also like textured, ridged and non-slip material that provides ample support for the bag and limbs for compound or isolated exercises.
  3. Burst Resistance
    Look for exercise balls with a minimum burst resistance of 2000 pounds. This should more than hold up well in commercial gyms and withstand regular wear and tear no matter what size dumbbells are thrown at them. Though we advise that the equipment should be regularly taken care of and maintained, whether it be a ball or dumbbell, which can be stored nicely on the best dumbbell rack on the market today.

Exercise Ball FAQs

What is the best exercise ball to get?

To help you make your decision, focus on material, size, and burst resistance. We are big fans of BPA-free PVC, which feels very comfortable against the skin. Sizing should depend on height and usage, with larger ones (75 cm+) better suited for desk sitting. Burst resistance should also be considered, with a 2000 pound rating recommended if you plan on using heavy dumbbells for compound exercises. A 1000+ burst-rated exercise ball should suffice for lighter stretching and cardio-based workouts.

Do exercise balls really work?

Yes, they definitely do. We like them because they help with better core activation by increasing resistance to your stabilizing muscles. That is why it is much harder to lift weights on exercise balls than a flat workout bench. The best exercise balls with resistance bands reviews and online exercise guides will definitely call this out as a benefit. If you’re looking to improve your body weight, definitely consider purchasing one of the best exercise balls on today’s market.

How do I know if my exercise ball is inflated enough?

When sitting on a fully inflated ball, your thighs should be parallel to the ground and feet flat. Check yourself in a mirror and try to observe for any sinking to determine if you need to inflate it a bit more.

How do you fill up an exercise ball with air?

Many of our picks included easy to use hand and foot pumps. They can also use a good old fashioned bicycle pump if you have the correct adapter.

What’s the difference between an exercise ball and a stability ball?

Stability balls and exercise balls are basically the same thing – Swiss balls, yoga balls, fitness balls, Pilates balls, balance balls, and physio balls. Many terms exist that refer to these workout support balls. The best stability balls or exercise balls can make functional exercises more challenging, which will make your muscles work harder and become more effectively fatigued. Today’s exercise balls come with a variety of features and can be found in most fitness centers, plus commercial and home gyms. When choosing a durable exercise ball for your workout, remember to look at the specs and criteria. For example, pilates balls come deflated, with a small hand pump and plug.

Is there a right size for me?

Yes! Exercise balls come in five different diametrical sizes. Each of these sizes is accordingly used for people of differing body compositions.
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