7 Best Ankle Weights in 2023

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Products Updated January 24, 2023
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Our testing identified the Nordic Lifting ankle pound weights as our top pick for best ankle weights. These fully adjustable ankle weights are comfortable and durable, with additional padding and reinforced stitching in every part of the product. They also include a reflective trim for added safety during nighttime use.

To help you find the best ankle weights your money can buy, we purchased 20 of the top-rated options today, strapped them to our legs, and got to work out. We spent around 15 hours testing each option, measuring them based on their comfort, durability, and overall ease of use. We also rated the weights based on their design. Keep reading to learn about the Nording Lifting weights and the other great exercise equipment available today.

7 Best Ankle Weights

 #1  Nordic Lifting Ankle Weights


WHY WE LIKE IT: These ankle weights are comfortable and durable, perfect for home workouts or outdoor use with reinforced stitching and reflective trim. They are also fully adjustable with industrial-strength Velcro straps.

  • Reflective strip for nighttime use
  • Comfortable, with neoprene padding, and fully adjustable
  • Durable, reinforced stitching
  • Cushioning doesn’t cover the entire ankle
  • Velcro can be hard to unstick

The Nordic ankle weights are our top pick for a variety of different reasons, which all become apparent as soon as you strap them on to use in your workouts. For starters, these weights are designed extremely well. Made with comfortable neoprene padding and reinforced stitching, you can wear these weights for longer periods of time without worrying about wearing them out too fast. They also feature a strong Velcro strap that’s fully adjustable, although it can be hard to unstrap at times due to its increased strength. We were impressed that the Nordic weights even included a reflective trim that keeps you safe at night.

These adjustable ankle weights come in a one-size-fits-all orientation, so they can be used by men, women, and children alike. Unfortunately, the cushioning doesn’t extend all the way around the ankle unless you’re a child, but this seems to be a common problem among ankle weights. If you’re looking to enhance your workout routine or build strength after an injury, you can’t go wrong with the Nordic Lifting ankle weights. If you want another way to upgrade your workout, check out our guide to the best lifting belt.

 #2  Healthy Model Life Ankle Weights


WHY WE LIKE IT: With a variety of different weight options and a fun, comfortable fit design, these ankle weights are perfect for everyday use. They’re also fully adjustable and stay in place due to a proprietary fabric grip.

  • Stay sure grip keeps them in place
  • Five different weight options
  • Fits all ankle sizes
  • Fabric not as tough as others

These Healthy Model Life ankle weights are standard equipment for Victoria’s Secret Angels and models, and it’s easy to see why. They’re designed with comfort and versatility in mind, for starters. The weights offer a large adjustment range, but it seems geared toward smaller ankles, so if you have larger ankles, you may not find a level of adjustment that works comfortably for you. The Velcro closure is easy to use on the fly or in the middle of a workout.

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You can purchase the weights in a variety of different sizes, ranging from 0.5 pounds all the way up to 8 pounds. The best feature here is the fact that the proprietary “Stay Sure-Grip” on the weights’ fabric will keep them in place no matter what size you purchase. They’re also portable enough to take with you on the go, so if you want to get a quick workout done on your lunch break, these are an excellent choice. If you’re putting together your home gym, take a look at our guide to the best exercise ball too.

 #3  BalanceFrom GoFit Ankle Weights


WHY WE LIKE IT: If you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg for new ankle weights, look no further. This model is affordable, comfortable and fully adjustable for the best user experience on a budget.

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  • Made from proprietary moisture-absorbing materials
  • The strap is easily adjusted
  • Breathable, neoprene fabric is comfortable
  • Not for intense workouts, as straps can come undone

Purchasing new workout gear can get expensive fast, but the BalanceFrom GoFit ankle weights help you save a buck or two on that gear. They’re the most affordable option available today without giving up too much on the quality or comfort side of things. With the GoFit option, you have the choice of getting weights as light as a pound or as heavy as five pounds, with half-pound increments.

The BalanceFrom weights are also comfortable on your ankles with breathable and durable neoprene fabric. The weights are also fully adjustable with an oversized Velcro strap.
Unfortunately, the strap isn’t as secure as other options and can come undone during more intense workouts. All in all, the BalanceFrom GoFit ankle weights offer an amazing option for exercise enthusiasts on a budget. Any good home gym could also use the best ab machine.

 #4  Valeo Ankle Weights


WHY WE LIKE IT: These high-quality ankle weights offer a high amount of total weight, up to 10 lb, with the option of easily adding or removing weight as you see fit. They also feature a non-abrasive lining, for comfort.

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  • Comfortable, non-abrasive lining
  • Removable weight packs in 2 lb increments
  • Adjustable D-ring allows for a better fit
  • Sand can become unevenly distributed
  • Not a great fit for small ankles

Valeo offers the heaviest ankle weights – 10 lbs. is the maximum you can purchase. However, the best feature here is the fact that you can adjust total weight as needed. To adjust the weight, simply add or remove sandbags as needed. This customizability makes the weights perfect for intense workouts, along with the comfortable and non-abrasive padding.

The overall performance is impressive, as well. The weights feature a D-ring and double Velcro strap that are both incredibly easy to put on and adjust to fit your specific ankle size. While the Valeo option doesn’t work as well for smaller ankles, its adjustability makes it an excellent choice for most people. In the end, the higher weight options make them the best ankle weights for glutes and other strength training exercises. Speaking of strength training, you might also want the best squat equipment for home own workout.

 #5  Nayoya Ankle Weights


WHY WE LIKE IT: If you’re looking for the most comfortable ankle weights your money can buy, look no further. This option includes extra-soft neoprene fabric that absorbs sweat and keeps your ankles cool during even the most intense workout.

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  • Breathable, moisture-absorbing fabric
  • Easy to adjust on the fly, via ring closure
  • Attractive yellow-and-green design
  • Strap is a little short
  • Only one weight option available

The Nayoya ankle weights offer three pounds of total weight across both of your ankles in the most comfortable way possible. For starters, the neoprene fabric isn’t just durable, it’s also easy on the skin during workouts. The weights feature extra padding and breathable fabric that absorbs sweat to keep your ankles cool. All of these comfort features make the Nayoya option the best ankle weights for running available today.

The Nayoya weights are also easy to adjust. The Velcro strap is a little short, but it’s easy to adjust both on the fly or while you’re staying still. It features a ring enclosure design that makes adjustment easy. The strap is also durable enough to handle constant opening and closing, so you can be sure this product will last you a long time. If you want another easy prep workout, you’ll also want to take a look at our guide to the best door anchor.

 #6  TheraBand Ankle Weights


WHY WE LIKE IT: These ankle weights are best used for physical therapy because they keep your ankles feeling comfortable during therapy sessions with extra padding and tough, moisture-absorbing fabric. They also include a reflective trim for nighttime use.

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  • Soft terry cloth interior
  • Includes reflective trim for nighttime use
  • Low profile design for discreet use
  • Minor chafing during extended workouts
  • Gets warm during long-term use

The TheraBand ankle weights are best for people who have been injured and need to build up their strength again during physical therapy. The weights are discreet and low-profile so you can even wear them under your clothing. They’re also incredibly comfortable with a soft, terry cloth interior lining and additional padding. The only uncomfortable thing about these weights is the fact that you might experience some chafing after extended periods of use. However, most physical therapy and exercise don’t last long enough for you to experience this.

The TheraBand option is designed in several different colors so you can purchase something that fits your personal preferences. It also includes a reflective trim so you can use them while walking or exercising at night without fearing for your safety. Another impressive feature here is that your purchase includes a portable tube packaging that you can constantly reuse for both storages and taking the weights with you.

 #7  Sportneer Ankle Weights


WHY WE LIKE IT: Reinforced stitching, sturdy trim, and durable neoprene fabric make these ankle weights the most well made option out there. They also allow you to adjust the weight with removable sandbags for a more customized workout.

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  • Removable sandbags for customized exercises
  • One size fits all strap
  • Sturdy trim and reinforced stitching
  • Some odor out of box
  • Velcro might be too strong for some

The Sportneer ankle weights are some of the highest quality weights your money can buy today. They’re made from durable neoprene fabric that resists moisture and doesn’t wear down quickly, even with consistent workouts. The weights also feature reinforced stitching and an extra-strong Velcro strap. Unfortunately, the Velcro strap can fasten the weights together a bit too strong for some hands. If you’re buying the weights to increase hand strength, you might want to consider a different option.

We were impressed with the overall adjustability of the Sportneer weights, as well. You can adjust the amount of total weight in this product by removing or adding sandbags to the pouches on the outside. The Velcro strap fits most, if not all, ankles with ease, although those with smaller ankles might find it to be a bit bulkier than they’d like. All in all, the Sportneer ankle weights are an excellent choice for anyone wanting to intensify their workouts.

How We Decided

Comfort and adjustability are among the most important factors to consider when purchasing a new set of ankle weights.

As we tested each option, we looked for features like padding, soft liners, and secure Velcro straps. The products we included here are comfortable, even after extended periods of use. We awarded bonus points to weights that featured sweat and moisture absorbent fabric.

Next, we considered the overall ease of use. The weights above are all easy to use, with Velcro straps that can be adjusted on the go. We preferred options that you could easily adjust with one hand. We were also keen to include weights that allowed you to adjust the total amount of weight in the product.

Finally, we doled out bonus points for ankle weights that sported additional features like reflective trim or carrying bags. If you want to use your weights on the go or during the night, these kinds of features can amplify your experience and make everything all-around more convenient for you.

Best Ankle Weights Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Exercise Type
    What kind of exercise are you hoping to accomplish with your ankle weights? These helpful tools come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s important to find one that fits your intended purpose. For example, if you plan on using them outdoors, you’ll want to find a more durable pair of ankle weights that feature weatherproofing and additional breathability.
  2. Weight
    How much total weight are you looking for in your ankle weights? You can purchase ankle weights as small as one pound or even as large as 10 to 20 pounds. Consider where you’re at in your personal workout routine and choose a total weight that matches your ability.
  3. Comfort
    Wearing ankle weights can get really uncomfortable really fast if you’ve chosen a pair that doesn’t fit you. Find options that are adjustable and easy on your skin. You’ll also want to consider how breathable your ankle weights are. If the fabric on your weights doesn’t breathe, you’ll get sweatier in a faster manner, which can cause even greater discomfort.
  4. Physical Therapy
    If you need something to aid in your physical therapy efforts, ankle weights are the way to go. In this instance, make sure you purchase an option that keeps your ankles as comfortable as possible so you can finish your therapy session with ease. You’ll also want weights that can be adjusted to increase or decrease the total amount of weight as needed during your rehabilitation.

Ankle Weights FAQs

What is the best weight for ankle weights?

The best weight for ankle weights is around one to three pounds. This relatively light amount of weight can increase your calorie burn rate and provide an enhanced exercise session.

What ankle weights are good for?

Ankle and wrist weights are primarily good for strength training and should not be used for cardio since they can strain the muscles in your legs. Think of ankle weights as an enhancement and not a core workout. You can even use ankle weights as wrist weights for strength training in your arms.

Are ankle weights worth it?

Yes, ankle weights are absolutely worth it for in-home exercises and strength training like leg lifts. They’re relatively inexpensive and can add an additional component to your workouts that is hard to find elsewhere.

Does wearing ankle weights help you lose weight?

Yes, ankle weights can absolutely help you lose weight. They increase your calorie burn rate when you wear them, giving you much better weight loss results than you would be able to achieve without them.

Who are the best ankle weight manufacturers?

The best ankle weight manufacturers can be found on the list above, but other high-quality options that didn’t make our top picks include companies like Gaiam ankle weights.
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