Atomic D2 Vario Skis Are Like No Other

You may have heard or want to take a look at the Dragon Alliance X2 goggles to complete your look.  On the other hand, Atomic’s D2 Vario skis bring a new and unusual approach to the sport.  Embedded in the center tip of the ski is a flexible rubber.  As pressure is applied to the skis the rubber expands making for a wider surface and ultimately better control in turns, at least that’s what their marketing says.  I’d love to see these things tested by a hardcore, 60MPH+ downhill skier and see what they think.

Skiing has been around for ages and for the most part the core technology has remained the same; skis, ski boots and 2 polls.


The Atomic D2 Vario Skis are available now for $1,660


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  1. I got me a pair of these Atomic D2 Vario Cut 172 about 2 years ago. In one word: “Perfect!!”.
    Went to Austria last year and did a GPS clocked downhill run. I reached 104.9 km/hour = 65.5 mph.. Must say… It was fast, but felt really good. Ski’s hold up really great.. My conclusion: Super stable at high speed!!

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