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The Anmino Monitoring Waterproof Bluetooth Smartwatch is more than just a blood pressure monitoring IP67 waterproof Bluetooth smartwatch, it also acts as a fantastic full on fitness tracker, while offering excellent battery life and a nice alternative to your mobile phone. This watch has an 1.3 inch IPS round touchscreen which doubles as a heart rate monitor tracker, blood pressure monitoring, and offers multiple guides, including breathing training. Making this possibly the best Android Smartwatch offered in the United States, this one allows you to leave your smart phone at home.

Why We Like It – Anmino Monitoring Waterproof Bluetooth Smartwatch

The Anmino Monitoring Waterproof Bluetooth Smartwatch is a really nice user friendly GPS and fitness tracking smartwatch. Along with plenty of fitness tracking features, the watch can also double as an everyday smartwatch, allowing you to go without extra mobile accessories for most of the day. Feel free to take a jog leaving your mobile phone behind!

  • Lightweight
  • Nice style
  • Price
  • Tough to contact customer service


The Anmino Monitoring Waterproof Bluetooth Smartwatch is a watch that can do just about all you expect in a fitness accessory. Dead on readings allow you to measure blood pressure, heart rate, even more so than most iOS phones. Like the Samsung Galaxy Android Smartwatch, multiple features such as sports modes, and day heart rate tracking, allow you to do everything you need without having to drag your heavy smartphone around. Like many smart watches, the screen is clear, even with intense brightness and the settings are simple and easy to adjust. Basic phone features, such as call reminder and Calendar give you that familiar work feel.


If look and design is something that’s important to you when buying a waterproof smartwatch (check out the Ticwatch Pro Smartwatch review) , please try this option. Like other smart watches, The stylish watch face offers many themed wallpapers, and the display screen itself is nice and glossy smudge free . The porous strap fits almost all wrist sizes, making it comfortable and does not get in the way of your workouts. The watch itself is lightweight and attractive. Feel free to take this watch out for non-workout needs since it has an everyday look to it.


You’re getting plenty bang for your buck with all these great features such as a fantastic activity tracker, blood pressure rate monitor, etc. You can see similar value in this Fossil Gen 5 Smartwatch review. If you check out all the customer reviews, ones with a verified purchase, on Amazon, you can see that most owners agree that you are going to get a stylish, well working smartwatch for a really excellent price. A one-year warranty and excellent technical support gives you that protection and comfort, allowing you to get a little rough with the workouts.

Anmino Monitoring Waterproof Bluetooth Smartwatch Wrap Up

The Anmino asm6c GPS Smart Watch is a well designed, multi featured, heart rate blood pressure tracking fitness watch. Features like a motivational transformation tracker, real-time activity tracker, and the 24/7, dynamic heart rate feature tracker are all examples of why this makes this watch an excellent choice at a very impressive price. The sleep monitor is a nice feature, allowing you to track your rest you get to need before your morning workouts. The watch is stylishly lightweight and gives you smartphone options(see the Garmin Vívoactive Smartwatch Contactless Payments) , allowing you to leave the house without a bulky phone.

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