Amuoc Military Grade iPhone Case Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Not everyone wants an iPhone case that’s incredibly stylish; after all, that just adds to the cost. Some prefer function over looks. One of the best iPhone cases, and probably the best cell phone case that put performance before flashy designs is the Amuoc Military Grade iPhone Case. And it’s all business with its 2pcs tempered glass, durable construction, and convenient built-in kickstand. Read on to find out key features that make it

Why We Like It – Amuoc Military Grade iPhone Case

With a tempered glass screen protector and military grade durability, this iPhone case is a wonderful alternative for protection, if style isn’t a concern.

  • Durable and scratch-resistant
  • Built-in kickstand
  • Compatible with a wide variety of iPhones
  • Doesn’t allow wireless charging


Starting with the case itself, the Amuoc Case has military grade protection of up to 15 feet. You won’t find many instances where you drop your iPhone 15 feet high, but it’s better safe than sorry. The screen protector is made of 2pcs tempered glass so it’s a fairly tough barrier between your screen and the ground. Along corners of the case are extra thick bumpers to protect from the worst of accidents. Of course the Amuoc Drop Tested Protective Case Kickstand Compatible Case is leagues behind the OtterBox Symmetry Clear Series iPhone Case, but it does almost as well as the best.

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Out of all the iPhone cases on our list, this brand new Amuoc iPhone has to be the most compatible; style is versatile, but compatibility is what matters most here. It has models for iPhone 6, 7, 8, XR, Pro Max and more. It comes in black, green, and red. It has a slim design but not quite as slim as a Mkeke iPhone Case or. Protective meets convenience with the built-in kickstand in the back that has 360-degree revolution.

Now, the negative: lack of wireless charging. The built-in kickstand is a nice feature and all, but it ultimately blocks you from accessing wireless charging, if that’s your style. Fortunately, you do not have to fast charge your Apple iPhone—in this case iPhones will have to stick to conventional means and use a charging cable.


Now let’s take everything into consideration, from design to performance. Is it worth $10? We’d argue it’s worth a little more. Aesthetically speaking, it’s pretty bland—but mechanically, the built-in kickstand and durable case military grade style for iPhone put it safely in league with the Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone Case. Toss in free delivery—which you do get—and Amuoc maes a very compelling argument. After all, buying an iPhone is already expensive enough. You can cut corners by using this style for iPhone over, say, an Otterbox.

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Amuoc Military Grade iPhone Case Wrap Up

The Amuoc Military Grade iPhone Case has very few flaws. Yes, it blocks fast charging, but it makes up for that with its performance and design. Its military grade durability meshes with a 2pc tempered glass protector that’s scratch resistant. It’s compatible with a wide variety of iPhones—mostly recent. And the built-in kickstand is nice to have when you’re enjoying a quick episode on Netflix.

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