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Acer B246WL Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
90 Expert Rating

With a display type that’s unrivaled and a fast response time, the Acer B246WL not only gives you a unrivaled performance, but manages to deliver it to you at a fraction of the cost. While this may come with some compromises, it is well assured that for those who are willing to look past those, this monitor will be the best not only for your work, but for your wallet as well, placing itself on our list for best monitor for graphic design and best gaming monitor. But, how does it compare with the best computer monitors around?

Why We Like It – Acer B246WL

The Acer B246WL YMDPRZX offers an outstanding picture at the cost of most third party LCD monitors. With a limited warranty, the B246WL is a safe choice.

  • Excellent color reproduction
  • Brightness is powerful enough for any lighting setting
  • Virtually no glare from the screen
  • Lack of an HDMI port
  • Bezels get in the way of the screen


A concern about most monitors is that while they give excellent color and performance, they also drain a lot of power. Manufacturer Acer addressed these concerns and qualmed them for this panel type ips monitor. Something you’ll notice immediately is that the B246WL is Energy Star certified, meaning that compared to other monitors on the market, power consumption will never be a concern. Much like the Acer CB282K, made by the same company, there were significant steps taken to ensure this monitor didn’t consume too much energy, all while delivering brightness that can be adjusted for any situation.

Viewing Angle

Being able to adjust how and where you can look at your monitor is an invaluable contribution to the longevity of a monitor. Often the deciding factor, rest assured that the Acer B246WL comes fully equipped to handle any angle. Versatile in both its swivel angle and height adjustment, you can position this monitor anyway you want all while seeing perfectly clear. The monitor even supports being placed vertically, giving a virtually endless amount of ways to view the screen. The B246WL’s included anti-glare filter gives buyers one less problem to be worried about. And with the Acer B246WL being VESA compatible, you can truly view it however you want.

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Acer wanted to ensure that this monitor would last for a while. With the Acer B246WL being VESA compatible, those who want to ensure their monitor will be safe can mount it to a wall for maximum security. Regardless of whether or not you have a mount, the B246WL’s premium materials add to it’s already durable feel. Even so, Acer has added a limited warranty, so even if you manage to have a compromised product, getting a replacement should be a breeze. The only concern in this regard is that the bezel size might be a tad bit too much for some. For those who truly want a bezel less experience, the LG 27UD68-W is a suitable replacement.


When it comes to port selection, this is where the Acer B246WL draws most of its criticism. While including a VGA, Displayport and USB ports, there is no HDMI port to be found on the monitor. While there are two ways to connect to the monitor, this is a time where HDMI seems to be the universal standard when it comes to display connections. And while the monitor comes with a vga and displayport cable, it may be odd for some to have HDMI excluded. For those who can’t make the switch over, the Iiyama Iiyama G-MASTER GB2888UHSU has many of the same features as this one, but with an HDMI port.


The value of a plane switching IPS monitor, especially those who are working in graphic design, is immeasurable. With the Acer B246WL, this is especially apparent with its price point, offering a performance that others charge much more for. While this does come with a few compromises, many are easily forgettable.

Acer B246WL Wrap Up

Coming in with a low price point and high value, the Acer B246WL is not a hard sell. With excellent color reproduction, brightness powerful enough for any lighting setting, and virtually no glare from the screen, the only downsides are no HDMI port and slightly too large bezel sizes. All in all, the Acer B246WL is a top notch choice to add to your cart should you be in the need for a new monitor.

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