9mm Swiss Watch Would Make James Bond Cry (But Not Your Wallet)

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By now we’re used to Kickstarter campaigns that explore interesting niches in the tech market…but there’s always something that can catch us by surprise. In this case, it’s a fully funded and affordable crowdfunding effort for luxury Swiss watches that you’ll have no problem wearing, even if you aren’t much of a watch guy.

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The 9mm Swiss watches get their name from the aesthetic, which is specifically designed to match the utilitarian steel and deadly lines of guns or combat knives.

The results are impressive: The black PVD coating, common sense controls, and band options (which include black Kevlar and black silicone, and yes, those are the actual materials, not just color themes like in other electronics) add up into a watch that looks dangerous.

James Bond himself would have no complaints about this tactical chronograph piece.

9mm Watch And Gun
The gun aesthetic is a lot more obvious now, huh?

And we do mean tactical, because the 9mm Swiss watch does more than just look cool. The traditional chronograph offers full measurement of everything from 30-minute intervals to 60-second countdowns. The outer rim even functions as a tachymeter. The two primary clock hands and a trio of dots on the watch face are tipped with glow-in-the-dark coatings that are subtle and useful at the same. Manual controls allow you to reset the watch, change the time setting, stop or start the counters as needed, and more. Everything is protected by a sapphire crystal face.

The crystal face, plus the heavy-duty straps, make this watch look minimalistic and professional, while still guaranteeing that it will be protected no matter what you are doing: It goes with everything from business meetings to barbecues. However, keep in mind that it is a quartz watch, not an automatic, which means you will have to replace the battery now and then.

Of course, once you hear the words “made in Switzerland” together with “watch,” it doesn’t matter how cool the watch sounds, you want to know how much it costs.

Well, some of the early deals are gone by now, but you can still get this sexy 9mm Swiss watch if you pledge $309 today (all bracelet types available as of April 1, 2016). Shipments are expected to start in July 2016 if not before. The retail price, by the way, hovers between $480 and $500 depending on the straps people choose, so you would get a significant discount by buying now.

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  1. Looks nice except where’s the waterproofing? I’d trade the sapphire for the water resistance of the previously reviewed Citizen Promaster Air.

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