Autocorrect makes for lots of laughs, especially when they turn sexual. But it’s an entirely new level when autocorrect sexualizes texts from the parental units. For this version of autocorrect texts turned sexual, we’ve compiled a list with texts from mom and dad that got a bit naughty! If you thought these were funny, you should also take a look at 30 of the funniest NSFW autocorrect texts or 30 of the funniest Siri responses.

20. Dirty Recipe

19. Hungry Bird

18. Just Borrowing

17. Wrong button

16. Recommendation

15. Yummy Dinner

14. In Need of Directions

13. A Night at Home

12. You’re Ordering What?

11. The Perfect  Gift

10. Out in the Garden

9. The Ex is in Town

8. A Favor

7. Feeling Old

6. Going to Carmax

5. Lookin’ Guilty

4. Secret Ingredient

3. Tiny Twists

2. Washing

1. Proud New Owner

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