Gloves are a winter staple for most people who want to keep their digits from getting chilly. But there are some gloves that go above and beyond the norm and aren’t your average clothing accessory. No, these gloves are more high-tech and come with some pretty cool features that can enhance your everyday life, hobbies and more! If you want to compare with another high tech glove, take a look at how the Spider Glove puts a dart launcher on your wrist too. If you really want to feel like you’re living in the future, give our review of the automatic sperm extractor a read.

14. Power Glove



Yup, the Nintendo Power Glove from 1989 had to make our list! The vintage gaming accessory was all the rage back then and is now a collector’s item! You can still get one on eBay if you’re looking for one to keep in your display box or looking to go old school on your gaming. And if you’re into magnetic levitating gadgets, take a look at our review on these 12 amazing magnetic things that float.

13. Montie GloveShot SlingShot


Is it a glove or a weapon? Actually the Montie GloveShot SlingShot is both and looks way better than a traditional slingshot. constructed from aluminum and anodized black for increased strength and disassembles into three parts by removing four stainless steel pins and two stainless steel check nuts, making it easy to store and transport. Get it for $190. And if you need help getting rid of any bad habits for good, the Pavlock device is the gadget for you.

 12. Rock, Paper, Scissors Glove


Don’t fret if you don’t have a partner to play “rock, paper, scissors” with since the Rock, Paper, Scissors Glove allows you to play by your self! It uses an Andrino mini micro controller and accelerometer to read the shaking of the hand, as well as two flex sensors to read the access of the hand. It also features speakers, a power switch, LED score keeper and a small display to see what hand the glove has thrown, you can essentially play the game all by yourself.

11. Sensogloves


Golfers will want to get their hands in some Sensogloves that feature built-in digital sensors to get a continuous view of the their grip and help  build a consistent, smooth and long driving golf swing. The Sensogloves cost $89, with replacement gloves coming in at $25.

10. Craftsman Illum-A-Glove

Craftsman Illum-A-Glove

Craftsman Illum-A-Glove is made of of Spandex and sports an LED light to shine the way and it costs $25.

9. Darkfin Webbed Gloves


The Darkfin Webbed Gloves are made from a single piece of rubber, don’t contain any stitching or straps, and still offer dexterity and grip akin to your skin, offering you enhanced swimming abilities. Get a pair for only $26.

8. Turn Signal Gloves


Made for cyclists, these Turn Signal Gloves will light up the way at night, keeping them safe in traffic during night bike rides. The gloves feature an embedded  LED light that’s triggered by a thumb-accessible button, which flashes to let others know what direction you’ll be taking.

7. Robo-Glove


Developed by NASA and GM, the Robo-Glove is light weight – no more than 2lbs – and is powered using an off the shelf battery, which will be used for space missions.  Its design and tech found inside the is actually from   the R2 robot’s hand which was launched, and remains at the International Space Station.

6. Sensor Gloves Go From Sign Language to Voice


A team project started by Kendall Lowrey and other students from Carnegie Mellon University created a glove that will voice sign language signs.It uses flex sensors for the fingers, and an accelerometer in an attempt to interpret arm gestures.

5. Peregrine Glove


Made for RPG battles, the Peregrine Glove allows you to cast up to 30 unique spells or other macro moves by simply touching your thumb to one of the many sensors embedded on the glove’s finger tips. Get it for about $129.

4. BodyGuard Glove


The BodyGuard Glove is a real life armored glove that features a stun gun and red dot sight. It also has a video camera, flashlight and weighs less than 3 lbs, making it pretty lightweight to carry.

3. Power Mitt Oven Glove


It doesn’t really do anything, but it’s still pretty cool with its Power Glove design and price of only $15! It might just give you some power to cook up something delicious.

2. Spider Man Mega Blast Web Shooter Glove


The kid’s toy is pure awesomeness and will shoot out webs in a blink of the eye! The kit comes with one web shooter, one can of web fluid and one refillable water cartridge along with the glove and is only $15!

1. Flame Thrower Glove


Although it isn’t for sale, the Flame Thrower Glove is pretty sick!  Patrick Priebe developed, designed and built this glove which can shoot flames from the palm of his hand by up to 3-4 feet.