Instant cameras were once the biggest deal in casual photography. Sure, they weren’t necessary the most sharp or brilliant photos, but they were able to capture instants for all time, and many of those types of cameras inspired social networks like Instagram. Leave it to Lomography to bring the technology back around… complete with Instagram-inspired filters.

Instant Results, Just Add Filters

In the basic mechanics, it’s the instant camera that you know and love. You point, you shoot, the picture pops out and develops in front of you. It uses Fujifilm Instax Mini as a format, which is actually already on the market for some of Fuji’s more lighthearted cameras. Being Lomography, you’ve got a few more options beyond just pointing and shooting, like shooting multiple exposures on a single frame of film, or even shooting a long exposure. There are even a few attachable lenses.

And then there are the filters.


These are, in fact, the old-school kind of filters. They’re color gels designed to be slotted in front of the flash to create Instagram-esque color effects. They’re not going to do exactly the same to your photos as some photo editing will, of course, but it’s a clever way to add color and style to your photos without adding complexity or ways for things to go wrong with your camera.


Instant Imaging

Yeah, we’ve all got a digital point-and-shoot in our pocket, thanks to the smartphone revolution, and there are some absolutely beautiful camera apps to go along with them. But there’s something to be said for a tangible souvenir of the moment that belongs to you and only to you unless you choose to share it. And if nothing else, Lomography promises the most fun you can have with an instant snapshot, which, in the end, should be what casual photography is all about.

Dan Seitz

Dan Seitz is an obsessive nerd living in New England. He lives in the Boston area with a fiancee, a dog, a cat, and far too many objects with processors.