Currently, there’s not a name more closely associated with high-performance, exotic supercars or tuning than McLaren. And it’s been highly anticipated that the company would introduce a new car. McLaren tried to keep a little secrecy surrounding the 650S, but, needless to say, the Internet got their hands on photos anyway.

More Style

First of all, the 650S seems to be an evolution of McLaren’s 12C, a car that was beloved for what was under the hood but viewed, stylistically, as a bit derivative. This is much closer in overall design to McLaren’s P1, which was much better received, and needless to say has the same style we’ve come to expect. The interior has been redone as well, as some were complaining that McLaren spent more time on the tuning than the cockpit.

More Power

It’s also got a bit more oomph to it than its predecessor. While the 12C topped out at around 616 horsepower, the 650S supposed adds a few more ponies to the mix, topping out at 641 horsepower. Engine specs didn’t leak along with the images, but it’s assumed that this will be running the same 3.8 liter twin turbo V8 that both the 12C and the P1 have under the hood, albeit they get different performance out of it.

But How Much?


There are, however, a few questions. We don’t know most of the technical details about this car, as you may have gathered from the fact that nobody even knows what engine is inside of it. Another key point we’re not sure of is the price; while it’s unlikely the 650S is going to be cheap, it would be nice to know just how unattainable a powerful vehicle that can go incredibly fast will be. The answers are coming soon, at least; expect the 650S to debut at the Geneva Motor Show.

Dan Seitz

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