Adidas Releases New Smartwatch For Runners

Adidas is  wasting no time to compete with Nike’s FuelBand SE (that dropped just yesterday) and has announced that they’re also releasing their own smartwatch geared toward runners. Announced at the GigaOm’s Mobilized conference in San Francisco, the watch will start at $399 (almost $25o more than Nike’s FuelBand SE ) and will come with lots of handy features for serious runners. Not only will it come with a GPS connection to track the runner’s activity, but it also features Bluetooth connectivity, a heart rate sensor to track performance and provide feedback, and heart rate training guidance via the watch’s screen and vibration via Bluetooth headphones.

This smartwatch doesn’t need to have a smartphone around like others on the market and won’t include phone capabilities, which translates to no music library pulled from your phone. But to fix this problem, the watch will have an onboard flash storage for music that you can listen to through Bluetooth headphones. With this smartwatch, Adidas’ vice president of their interactive division Paul Gaudio says that they’re not trying to compete with other smartwatches on the market and just want to make “the best running watch” around.  The smartwatch will be available November 1st but no word on where you can get one has been announced.

Kristie Bertucci

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