iPhone 5S vs. iPhone 5 (spec comparison)

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10 Comments to iPhone 5S vs. iPhone 5 (spec comparison)

  1. iPhone 5s is obsolete.
    Apple was too ignorant to listen what people want from them.
    Look around… who wants this stupid 4″ screen?
    I love my Galaxy note 2. Yeah.. it’s big!
    But try it for a month.
    Soon.. you’ll realize that it’s small enough to fit in your pocket..
    And… no way I’m going back to tiny iPhone screen.
    Unless it comes with a big magnifying glass haha..
    Thanks Apple… you made me to switch!

  2. You made my day! I have never read such a so-called review in my entire life! That was hilarious! I still can’t believe you haven’t been sarcastic about their disasterous products!

  3. It’s NOT 40%. It’s 40x (40 times) faster than the original iPhone.

    I’m telling you. These guys who write these articles have no clue what they’re talking about

  4. priyesh pachori

    This is such a biased review. “Sam­sung may hold sway with larg­er screens and increased res­o­lu­tion, but again, we’re talk­ing mobile devices here.  Smart­phones should fit in the pock­et and fit in the hand, ’nuff said.” Really?? You mean to say that all those people around the world who have a note and note 2 hang their phones around there neck?

  5. The writer is such an apple fan boy, I couldnt get past the storage piece. Some people have bigger hands. And some people dont mind carrying around SD cards. And why would you have to carry yhem around anyway? They have lots of storage. He lauds the innovative elements and dismisses the shortcomings. I would have liked to get a more objective comparison is all im saying.

    • I could not get past the stupid size of device analogy.
      His logic is since everyone has different sized hands that one size is perfect?
      Im sorry but thats moronic
      ( the worlds probably flat too… hey just like the iphone?)
      God will have to pay steve royalties for that I guess.

      Anyway if youre not a total moron go to a store and try the phones that

      fit in your hand and you can use one handed if thats important… yes if you have big hands a 6″ one may be perfect.

  6. So no difference at all yet I’m sure all the iSheep around the world have already started to line up at apple stores waiting for the big release and ultimate letdown apple is about to release onto the world.

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