Want to go camping without taking your car?

The Kamp-Rite Bushtrekka Bicycle Camper Trailer is specifically designed for campers on bike tours. Its 41-gallon (120 liters) storage space ensures that you’ll be able to take all your camping essentials with you on a long trip, while its unique oversized tent conveniently folds up and fits on top of the trailer. Imagine this: you could bike across the country without using any gas at all!

Even with the trailer attached to your bike, you’ll still be able to ride freely and safely. The Bushtrekka’s pivoting wheel set and alloy wheels make for a comfortable ride, while safety reflectors and safety tape ensure visibility at night.

The self-contained Bushtrekka also features personal off-the-ground sleeping quarters, a cot and fully adjustable leveling jacks, meaning that you’ll be able to sleep comfortably, even on uneven terrain.

The Bushtrekka’s trailer is also built to withstand the elements; its frame is made of lightweight aluminum covered with 600-denier rip stop nylon and coated in Polyurethane for water resistance. It’s also pretty reasonably priced: it’ll run you $799.99.

Some users have had issues with the camper’s wheel bushings and axles, while others have been happy with the product. Be sure to read user reviews and comments before you buy!

Amanda Pendolino

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