Texting and driving is akin to playing with fire; at some point you’re bound to get burned.  Or in this particular case, crash your car.  Adolescent drivers are some of the worst offenders, especially since they’ve grown up with a device in their hand.  Preventing them from typing away on their smartphone is almost like asking them to not breathe or eat food.  So how does a parent ensure that their precocious teen doesn’t engage in the dangerous activity?  You install one of these in your car: the ORIGOSafe.

Before the car can be started, a smartphone has to be inserted.  If it’s removed, with the e-brake off, and presumably the car running, the system will sound an alarm, and the driver will be prevented from restarting the car.  That is until an administrator (i.e. parent) punches in a code on the ORIGOSafe’s keypad.

With the smartphone securely locked into place, teen drivers, and those alike, will be prevented from texting, though Bluetooth calls can still be made and received.  A reasonable caveat seeing as an emergency call might be necessary mid road trip.

But, without a phone, the car can’t be started, so losing or forgetting your smartphone is a serious penalty and one that could leave your beloved teen daughter stranded in the wrong part of town.

It’s not clear how expensive it is to install the ORIGOSafe, but it’s likely not cheap, nor is the unit itself, which costs $279.  Moreover, it’s only compatible with a Samsung S3, at least for now.  The company plans to build versions for the iPhone 5 and 4s.

Source | Via: Gizmag

Christen Costa

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