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Viper 350 Plus 3105v 1-Way Car Alarm Review

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Updated January 5, 2023
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There’s nothing worse than coming back to your car and finding it gone. Adding a security system to your vehicle can keep it safe and act as a deterrent to thieves. The Viper car alarm system can give you peace of mind and make sure your car stays safe. This car alarm system made our best car alarm list thanks to its many features. Find out how it compares with other great car accessories too.

Why We Like It – Viper 350 Plus 3105v 1-Way Car Alarm

The Viper car alarm can keep your car safe from thieves thanks to its many innovative features. In this comprehensive car alarm system, Viper has included a shock sensor that chirps when your car is bumped. It also features a failsafe starter kill, anti-hijacking protection, and the option for keyless entry. So, you’ll know your car DVD player is safe with this car alarm.

  • Two remotes
  • Failsafe starter kill
  • Anti-hijacking protection
  • Might not be compatible with some cars
  • Remote start and GPS require upgrades
  • It’s a 1-way alarm system.


When it comes to vehicle security, Viper’s 350 Plus has a lot to offer. It’s one of the best car alarms available on the market and includes a shock sensor with a six-tone siren. This 3-channel, 1-way alarm system also has a failsafe starter kill and an anti-hijacking system. Unlike other car alarms, the Viper 350 Plus boasts Clonesafe and Code-Hopping technology to prevent thieves from scanning your remote’s frequency and compromising your car security. If you need an alarm with two-zones, the Avital 3100LX Car Alarm is worth a look.

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The Viper 350 Plus is one of the best car alarms on the market. It comes with two multifunction remotes, each with four buttons. The buttons can arm and disarm the alarm and have a long quarter-mile range. A remote start system, remote trunk release, and GPS tracker is also available as upgrades. One of the best things about this alarm system is that it comes with the full kit including all the wiring and components. For a car tracker, the CarLock Tracker is a better option.

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The Viper makes some of the best car alarms. Their Responder LC3 may get more publicity, but the 350 Plus also has a lot going for it. The 350 Plus comes with two keyfobs, each with multiple functions. The alarm itself has many features including a failsafe starter kill, keyless entry, anti-carjacking protection, and a shock sensor. As far as durability is concerned, it has a limited lifetime warranty. When checking the price and performance, it’s obvious that this alarm is great value for money. For an alarm with a longer range, the Compustar CS7900AS is a worthy alternative.

Viper 350 Plus 3105v 1-Way Car Alarm Wrap Up

The Viper 350 Plus can protect your car against theft with its many features. Between the starter kill, shock sensor, and anti-hijack technology, your car won’t be going anywhere without you. Adding remote start and GPS tracking are optional extras and they give you the flexibility to upgrade at a later time if you wish. Overall, this is an excellent entry-level alarm system.