Sprint HTC Evo 4G LTE In-Depth Review

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Spawned in the horrendous heat of a Los Angeles winter, James was born with an incessant need to press buttons. Whether it was the car radio, doorbells on Halloween or lights, James pushed, pressed and prodded every button. No elevator was left unscathed, no building intercom was left un-rung, and no person he’s known has been left un-annoyed.

23 Comments to Sprint HTC Evo 4G LTE In-Depth Review

  1. Appreciated & agree with your opinion. Shame some feel you over-criticized the Evo LTE.

    The phone is great but its like owning a Ferrari with gas stations being built in select cities some time in the future. Great car but no one will see its potential until its tank is full. Recently discussions with Sprint offered a tentative “end of 2013″ for current 4G to become LTE–in my case that means I’ll still have to walk down the street if I don’t want just 3G.

    My needs are basic dependable 3G or better Android smartphone (phone, downloadable apps, good input & screen, gps) plus an 8 mp or better camera, swappable battery & some method that is relatively reasonable to occasional throw an image from my phone to an HDTV. In the end, even Sprint agreed that for now my best choice is just getting a new EVO 4G at least until the LTE network is more available or other selections better suit my needs.

    Often it seems people confuse processor speed and apps running in the background instead of network speed its like the old days when Netscape 3 would seem to blaze on a 56K modem almost with the same speeds as now…but without added scripts, pop-ups & content. The phone is great but until the network is ready leave it in the Ferrari’s glove box until it has the necessary octane.

  2. Evo's suck

    I had the the Who 4g let for about a month know and its a horrible phone. Just like the eco 3d I’m having loads of pro lens with this phone. Even as I’m writing this the words are lagging on the screen, my 3g never works I would have to restart my phone every time to get my 3g to come back on. It restarts when ever it wants to and I get a load of error messages such as HTC error reports and code 36 error reports. Another bad phone from HTC never buying an who again. Just save your money and get a galaxy s 3

    • Htc also sucks

      Also Google wallet doesn’t even work which is why i bought the phone. Its been down since Ibought this crappy phone I spoke to sprint about and basically I’m stuck with yet another HTC device. I feel like I was tricked again into buying a product that doesn’t work and no refunds are available.

  3. ahumanbean

    You are simply crazy. The HTC Evo 4G LTE is absolutely beautiful. It is a work or art compared to the other One series phones. It is also the best as far as expandability. You must be biased against Sprint because this phone and the company are both gret.

  4. it’s funny how you say it’s so so but professional photographers says it’s one of the best camera phones they’ve seen, but I guess you know better? Also no 4g network? haven’t been announced? Sprint already started putting up their LTE towers last year. They are in testing phase and will turn on the first 6 cities in June. Did you not get that memo? Philadelphia is in the next batch at the end of 2012. Most phones are not on LTE, but you put down the EVO? I can see you are not a fan of sprint so you put down any sprint phone which by the way has been listed as the phone to beat.
            You say a negative is the HD voice isn’t active yet and when it is you can only use it on Sprint’s HD network? you sound jealous. At least Sprint is the first to have it in the U.S. No other network in the U.S. has it. Wouldn’t that be a positive? You’re a glass half empty kind of person huh? Ugly design? says who? How do we know that you have good taste?

  5. 19thisisme74

    This review sucked balls!! You are obviously a Sprint hatter, that’s all I learned about when reading this, Wow, what a waste of time! SMH!

  6. Wow, yet another review about this phone that slams the network and can’t focus on the phone itself.  

    Listen – I get that the phone isn’t as fast in mobile data as others, but the fact is that WiFi is almost everywhere now, and the average person doesn’t need 10 Mbps while riding around in their car.  My Sprint 3G speeds are poor, but they get the job done while the LTE network is deployed.  

    Your point about the WiMax not being accessible during this transition period is understandable, but do you really want another chip on this phone that will suck down battery like crazy?  The LTE network won’t suck down battery since it is incorporated into the processor, unlike the EVO 4G where WiMax drained batteries unbelievably fast.  I personally am glad I don’t have WiMax draining my battery.  Almost every EVO 4G user I know doesn’t use their 4G anyway for this very reason – so not that big of a deal.

    The fact that you won’t recommend this phone to people is asinine.  It is the greatest Android smartphone in existence right now, and the GSIII won’t be passing it up either.  Most people I know would choose a 3G phone with AMAZING hardware capabilities over a lesser phone with fast internet.  Most people don’t stream movies and music away from WiFi that frequently – most people are playing an internet-based game or checking email and such.  These things are EASILY done over Sprint’s 3G network.  So I would recommend this phone to ANYONE who is on Sprint now, especially considering the LTE network will be live this summer.  

    How can you dock a phone’s rating for a feature that NO OTHER PHONE HAS, yet isn’t available yet here?  I’m referring to HD Voice.  How can this possibly be a con?  No other phone has it… are you docking them for not having it?  No.  So when this feature is available more readily, and others do NOT have support for it, who will be the winner here?  I’ll take my future-proof phone.  Many people buy these phones with the next two years in mind, so this will easily be remedied by then.  HD Voice should be on the PRO side of the summary, not the con.  

    Lastly, the camera is stellar.  I’ve seen enough pictures from EVO 4G LTE forums that show the incredible quality of the photos.  My guess is that you were not using the settings you should have been, because there are many options including low light settings, HDR, etc.  These settings greatly improve the quality.  Like any camera, the “auto” mode isn’t going to produce any photos worth discussing.  This camera is at least close to the iPhone 4S.  Maybe not quite as good, but in the conversation.

    And I have no idea how you can say that this phone is ugly.  I carry around bibs for people when I show them my phone, because I don’t need drool all over my new toy.  Most people love the design, and they seem to want to run to the store to buy their own after seeing the unbelievably smooth UI.  I always tell them that the 4G network isn’t available yet, and most don’t care.  As is the case with me, most people I know tell me that they just use WiFi and 3G anyway.  

    The battery life is outstanding, and is better than my EVO 4G that was rooted and tweaked out for optimal battery life, PLUS an extended battery.  So I’m not concerned about the concealed battery.  

    Between the MicroSD slot, the kickstand, and the bigger battery, this phone is far superior to the One X, looks not-withstanding.  I recommend this phone to ANY real Android lover.  I would not take this review too seriously, as the person writing it does not make a lot of sense.  Unless you need CONSTANT high speed internet access on the go, grab this phone and never look back.  And once Sprint has their LTE network up, you can really smile as you’ll have the greatest phone in EVERY aspect.  

    • I too only use 3g and wifi on my current EVO 4G. You are right the Sprint 4G system sucked batteries so bad it was worthless.

  7. David Zoratti

    You didn’t bother to mention that the battery isnt removable in the 4g lte. I question whether you really handled the phone. I agree with previous comments, you need to work on your writing skills and keep on topic. But I commend you for trying.

  8. Koko B. Ware

    The first 2 cons are not the phone’s fault. The 3rd con is the exact opposite of what I’ve read everywhere else. And the 4th con is a matter of opinion.

  9. The iphone doesn’t even have a 4g option and yet that’s all people can say about this phone, sad. 

    • Agree horrible review, I think if your to review the phone then do that don’t review the sprint network. Amazing how when reviewing the iPhone it’s always about the phone, even though the iPhone is a 3G phone on sprint. Personally and for most people I know we use wifi at home and work. Those who aren’t on an unlimited data plan at other carriers all opt for wifi so the 4 g issue and LTE issues are mute. Because I’m am pretty sure email and messaging dont need 4g nor does the calling feature. Just saying!

      • James Pikover

        You may have forgotten, but for the first 3 years the iPhone was panned for being a terrible phone, but a great smartphone. Then the iPhone 4 had “antennagate”. Only the 4S didn’t have any serious problems with the actual phone part of the phone. AT&T buckled for at least two years under the stress, and in some areas still does. No one even bothers to dispute that. It’s common knowledge.

        Sprint? Not so much. They’ve historically been one of the most reliable carriers. That’s changed. You don’t need 4G for email, but if you get a large attachment and need to download it, why get a phone stuck at 1Mbps when you could get 8x that speed or more? Sure, it works over Wi-Fi, but so does any other phone released in the past four years. If it made calls over Wi-Fi, that’d be a slightly different story, but if you have to get out of your house and actually live on the Evo 4G LTE, you are going to have problems. Problems with the network, problems with download and upload rates, and that’s damn important.

        If it isn’t important for you, great! Pick it up, it’s a damn well built smartphone. But if you need to actually make sure it works everywhere, there are dozens of competitive smartphones not named “iPhone” that can do much, much better, on Sprint or with other carriers.

        • TheDarkKnight

          I understand why many reviewers are saying they can’t recommend this phone because of the network issue, BUT, more than half, MORE THAN HALF, of Sprint users don’t even have Wimax and even more don’t use it. So for people who are already on Sprint and satisfied with their network, this makes it seem like they shouldn’t get this phone even though it’s the best phone Sprint has. That is what you’re telling people, “if you’re on Sprint, you shouldn’t be.” Think about that for a second, let it sink in. Okay good. Next time don’t follow other site’s suite just because they’re popular, ie. Engadget, and think of what you’re actually saying.

          • James Pikover

            Sure, not everyone has access to Sprint’s Wi-Max network. That’s a damn shame. How can anyone recommend a phone or even a service that doesn’t offer 4G when it’s available nationwide through AT&T or T-Mobile? The only way is to offer something similar or better, like Verizon’s LTE. 

            Sprint? They offer very little. With no LTE, why bother? If you live or work in a 4G area, and own a 4G phone from Sprint, why would you want to upgrade to an LTE device that has no access to Wi-Max? It’s ludicrous to do so.

            Now yes, if you live in a 3G-only area, there’s no problem. That’s pretty clear in the review; not everything matters to all users. My experience with Sprint in LA is that the service has been getting worse and that the best areas for Sprint are in high-population centers, which typically have 4G available. So, that’s a problem.

            As for Engadget, I didn’t read their review. I stopped when the Verge came around. =

          • TheDarkKnight

            “I’d love to recommend it, but I can’t.”

            That’s telling all Sprint customers who don’t have Wimax to leave.

            ” The network it was built for doesn’t exist.”

            It actually does but hasn’t been deployed. Same thing when Wimax first came out but LTE well be built much faster according to Sprint.

            Anyway, it was a decent write up if you could keep certain things neutral like the back of the phone design. Some people actually love it, like my wife.

          • James Pikover

            You have a good point, and perhaps I’m just spoiled having had access to what we call 4G for around four years, even before Sprint’s WiMax network was widespread (thanks to local testing and international HSPA phones). But, then again, there is a reason why Sprint has been suffering so much, and data speeds are one of those reasons.

            Now I wouldn’t say to switch from Sprint if you don’t live in an area with WiMax, so long as you are fine with those data speeds. But there is a serious problem when the older model of this phone works over WiMax and the newer one doesn’t, and it doesn’t have anything to replace it with. Calling it the Evo 4G LTE is almost false advertising. The only reason it isn’t is because LTE is technically part of 4G.

            As for the design…sure, that’s an opinion. Hopefully the photos I’ve listed do it justice and help anyone reading make a decision on purchasing.

          • LTE is 4G. it’s the first actual 4G network. LTE is 4th generation. Everything else was just enhancements.

          • only 9% of Verizon customers are on LTE. So I guess they should close down?

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