Suffice to say, we were impressed with Kogeto’s DOT and the olloclip.  They’re both fantastic options when it comes to capturing images and video with the iPhone 4/s.  But what good does that do you if you own a  Nokia, Android, or god forbid a Windows phone.  Not much from where we stand.

Nipping at the heels of all the aforementioned companies, especially Kogeto, is Tamaggo.  They’ve built a device agnostic camera that can capture a 360 degree image in a single shot.  And unlike the DOT and olloclip which are as only as good as the camera’s they’re attached to (currently limited at 8MP thanks to the iPhone 4s), the Tamaggo 360-imager boasts a 14-megapixel sensor, which is by our accounts unparalleled.

To capture an image with the device, you simple hold it center to what you’re capturing and snap away.  A 2-inch touchscreen allows you to review your handy work as well as tweak the camera’s settings, though we don’t know what those are at this time. Upload the photo to what we assume is their site (containing their proprietary software), and you can navigate the image from left to right and even pan up and down – total field of view will vary with how you hold the camera.

To add to the wow factor, the Tamaggo 360-imager boasts Wifi and Bluetooth, allowing you to wirelessly control the device from afar and hopefully upload images in the field.  The haven’t said how many images the camera can hold, though it would seem that there isn’t a memory card slot.

The Tamaggo 360-imager will go on sale Q2 of 2012 for $200.

Update: Looks like they’re using Kolor‘s software to create the panaroma.

Christen Costa

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