9 Pieces of Star Wars Tech Now a Reality (list)

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7 Comments to 9 Pieces of Star Wars Tech Now a Reality (list)

  1.  just saying but in star wars lightsabers are plasma based weapons along with blasters and the turbolasers on ships lasers are actualy considered rare as star wars weapons

  2. Kang the Unbalanced

     Moller and the M200 are frauds. They’ve been promising it’s “right around the corner” for 40 (that’s FOUR ZERO) years now.

    • KnottaBiggins

      The M200 and M400 (a real flying car) have been fully functional for years now, check out their site for the vids. The holdup isn’t their fault, but the FAA’s – the flying car proposal requires a ground based control system using similar communications technology as cell phones. The FAA has yet to put this in place. Once they do, Moller will be leading the pack.

  3. Every one of those concepts where around before Star Wars and every tech you cite in mostly in the experimental phase. 

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