Gone camping?  That probably means your caffeine fix will have to come by way of a fire, boiling pot of water and scorched hands.  Unless of course you’re willing to plunk down $90 for the Coleman Propane Coffeemaker.  If you haven’t figured it out yet based on the name this thing brews coffee using a built-in propane tank that can produce up to 15 cups.  The coffee maker is good for up to 10 cups in one sitting, so you’ll get 1.5 uses out of the handy tool before you need a propane tank replacement.  Chances are, though, you don’t drink 15 cups in one day, so in theory you should be good for the better part of your camping trip, right?  One 10 cup pot – it’s made of stainless steel -takes 18 minutes to brew, which means by the time the fire gets going and breakfast is cooked your morning joe is waiting for you to be consumed.

Via: Gearpatrol


Christen Costa

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