The MtEverClimb, a continuous rope climbing system, is to rope climbing what the treadmill is to jogging.  It simulates actual rope climbing by feeding a rope through the floor of the device and back to the top, thus creating an endless rope.  The company bills it as a complete body workout and say that it’s endorsed by the Pittsburgh Steelers; you know, the football team.

So it’s most certainly safer.  However the thrill of reaching the top of the rope, is lost.  But with that said safety is insured since there is no where to fall but a few feet.

Rope climbers can set a timer, speed and control the direction of the rope.  Could you imagine climbing in reverse?  A floor mechanism insures an added level of safety by turning off the system if the user steps or falls off the rope.

Price?  $7985, and that doesn’t include the timer, which costs an addition $495.

Via: Notcot


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