The GoPan Micro captures 360 degree video and is designed specifically for the iPhone 4.  That means you attach it, hit the record button and the iPhone’s video camera will records a complete 360 degree view of the room in real time.  An accompanying app should allow you to instantly review the footage and view any perspective simply by swiping your finger across the screen.  Sharing the video is another story, but we’re assuming the company will develop a site that specifically allows users to distribute their recordings and allow on lookers to pan left and right or at least embed the video like they’ve done here.

Michael Rondinelli posted this project on Kickstarter just 6 day ago, and has already exceeded his goal of $20,000.  Yeah, it’s that popular.  It looks the GoPan Micro is derived from a larger, more professional version of the project, so the likelihood of it actually being developed and sold at a reasonable cost seems very likely.  In fact, they say they’ll send you a GoPan Micro as soon as they’re available if you pledge more than $50, which is a $30 discount over their projected retail cost.

So, where would you use it?  At your kids football game or perhaps birthday party.  The use cases are almost endless, but with this tool comes the caveat of diminished video quality as you’ll see in the below video footage.


Christen Costa

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