You know how you can sometimes just take one quick look at something and go “DAMN SON!” Yeah, when I saw these pictures of the new gamepads from PDP for Marvel vs Capcom 3, that’s exactly what I thought. They put the original Street Fighter 4 Fightpads to shame. I mean, holy hell, look at this thing!

To take a look at the box (art), hit the jump.Here’s a quick look at the box it’ll come in.


And closed

They are available right now for pre-order, for $39.99, from PDP direct.


Official word from Mad Catz is that these are not licensed by Capcom, and that technically no permissions are required for PDP to make the gamepads. What that means is two things: one, they may not be around very long (so if you want one you may want to pre-order it right away), and that Mad Catz may reveal their own licensed gamepads for MvC3 very shortly.

James Pikover

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