There seems to be no clear way of knowing who came up first with a LEGO follow focus, and whether it was a cine-style system for video cameras or a still photo follow focus unit, but two things are for sure – people are excited about them and content with their reliability and quality.

It’s not much of a surprise, LEGO Technic pieces have always been very durable, and with the large array of pins and gear you can make a follow focus unit that is as smooth and slow, or fast and snappy as you like. Some of the examples even have consistent colors throughout the build so they might pass undetected for a couple minutes in a professional environment.

Noted Canon photographer Vincent Laforet says he wants one, but wouldn’t take it to an Angelina Jolie photoshoot. However, I know a lot of other guys who would take absolutely any follow focus to an Angelina Jolie shoot, including one made out of LEGO, and I say that’s the spirit!