Mosquito Mister

The East Coast of the U.S. runs rampid with mosquitoes during the summer months.  The All Clear Cordless Mosquito Mister emits some sort of chemical spray that the company says will keep mosquitoes, black flies, nats and other pests at bay for up to 6 hours within a 4000 sqare foot perimeter of the device.  How it works for this long is questionable, but for those who are concerned about the chemical implications can be breathe easy.  They offers three types of concentrates that can be added to the mister:

  • AllClear Naturals – a 100% natural plant-based concentrate with patented Geraniol, an extract from the lemongrass plant.  The caveat is it only last for 2 hours.
  • ALLCLEAR Mosquito Botanical Insecticide Pyrethrum – Contains Pyrethrins, derived from dried Chrysanthemum flowers.  This one lasts for 4 hours
  • ALLCLEAR Mosquito Synergized Plus Concentrate – Contains Permethrin, insecticide based on natural Pyrethrins.  I’d be a bit cautious with this one as it probably contains chemicals that aren’t good for you.  Course, it lasts up to 6 hours and probably is the same stuff found in other mosquito repellents (Wikipedia says it’s harmful to cats).

Looks like Amazon sells one of them for $499!


Christen Costa

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