Zero Gravity Treadmill

Perhaps you damaged your knee and you’ve been laid up for 6 weeks straight in bed?  Or perhaps you just returned from a 6 month space exploration and your muscles are beyond atrophied?  The M310 AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill is the answer to your woes.

An inflatable plastic air bags surrounds your body that supports up to 80% of your body’s weight and assists athletes and astronauts to recoup lost muscle tissue.  Max speed of the M310 is 8mph and costs a mere $24,500.  Alternatively, the company behind the space age machine offers a NASA version for $70,000 and tops out at 18mph.  Despite the price it does look more practical than the hyrdo Physio Treadmill we saw earlier this year.

Video after the ‘leap’

[via Wired]


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