I may be the only musician that is a proficient guitar player but who really sucks at all things Rock Band and Guitar Hero.  I just played Beatles Rock Band a week or so ago and was just horrible.  Oddly enough, while I couldn’t make it through a song on guitar on medium, I did manage to complete one on the drums.

To sprinkle some fairy dust on the “living vicarious through” Guitar Hero and Rock Band dreamscape, comes Altec Lansing’s Stage Gig Mini-Monitor Speaker.

For anyone who has seen live music beyond the coffee house acoustic jam will have noticed speakers on the stage that face the musicians.  These are called monitors and they give the musician a sense of how they are sounding.

For $100 each, you can really outfit your living room like a live sound stage with as many of these as you can afford.  I guess Altec Lansing’s though was that 5.1 or even 2.1 sound can be sacrificed for the feeling you’ll get when you throw a leg up on one of these.

[via JoyStiq]


Jeff B