With first news about the Gametrak Freedom appearing last September, we now have more details about the controller.  The latest design shows a Xbox 360 color scheme and is set to go to market sometime during Q4.  Surpassing previous Wii-Mote clones the Freedom uses ultrasonic 3D positioning for enhanced accuracy.

The Freedom remote also uses an accelerometer that not only judges pitch, roll, and yaw, but distance, orientation, and speed as well.  The Gametrak Fredom will use two additional sensor bars placed on both sides of the TV that will control up to 4 remotes.  Gametrak also plans to release its own launch title “SqueezeBalls” made by IN2Games which offers a series of mini games and there are other supposed 3rd party titles currently in deveolpment.  Pricing and packaging bundles have yet to surface but a PS3 version is predicted to follow sometime in 2010.


Jeff B