The Nikon Corporation has announced the introduction of the Nikon D3X digital SLR. This exciting new camera employs a Nikon FX-format CMOS imaging sensor (35.9 x 24.0 mm) with an imaging area equivalent to 35mm film, and its 24.5 effective mega-pixels deliver images of striking quality and resolution.
The D3X from Nikon is designed to meet the demands of a growing number of professional photographers for whom exquisite detail is fundamental to their work. The D3X promises resolution comparable to medium-format cameras, but with an entirely new level of operating ease.

The D3X from Nikon is perfect for the broadest range of detailed work; including everything from fashion and product shootings, to weddings, architecture, landscapes and large poster production, The full frame DSLR features a 24.5-megapixel CMOS sensor with the ability to capture five frames per second, start-up time is quick at 0.12 seconds with a shutter release time lag of 0.94 seconds. An optional GPS is available for geo-tagging purposes.

At the mere cost of $7,999.95, this camera from Nikon may be a steal to some or represent one to others, depending on the point of view.  The camera will be available late December.