“Hey Nikon, I don’t know how to tell you this, but you make cameras!”

What in the world is going on? Today, Nikon rolled out the oddest looking piece of kit, regardless of the fact that they’re primarily a camera manufacture. As you can see the UP300x takes the familiar shape of a pair of over the ear headphones. The thing that looks like a gaming mic, it ain’t a mic. It’s a tiny (.44-inches) little 640×480 screen that emulate a 50-inch display from 10-feet away, for one eye nonetheless. Built-in to the headphones are 8GB of flash memory, a media player with the ability to play back an assortment of files (MP3, WMV9, MPEG-1, etc) and motion sensing tech for hands free operation (not in the UP300 model). Nikon also jammed in WiFi and a USB port – presumably for transferring files and they say surfing the web – and has also included two Sanyo Eneloop rechargeable batteries and charger.

From what I’ve infered, via the press release, Nikon plans to roll out it’s own iTunes like store.

Only available here (Japan only) for $689

More pics and links after the ‘leap’

Official press release here

Official page product page here

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