We’re convinced that the MP3 watches will never be a huge hit. Why you ask? Cause, who wants a cord draped from their wrist to their ears. But, then of course there’s the ‘James Bond factor’ in us all, and perhaps a manufacture will squeeze Bluetooth into the equation for wireless headphones. The Thanko watch comes in two sizes, 256MB and 512MB, can play back MP3 or WMA, and can record music via a headphone jack at 128kb. The watch can be plugged into USB 1.1 port and used as a mass storage device (not clear if you can transfer music). A 2 hour charge will get you 9 hours of playback and comes bundled with some low grade headphones, but notably sports a pin to attach the cord to your chest or arm.

Product page here.

Via NewLaunches

Christen Costa

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