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Znaps Make Every Smartphone Cable A Magsafe Cable

Magsafe cables are a great idea… a great idea that not even Apple really implements fully. For those unfamiliar with Apple’s little design touches, a mag-safe cable connects not by seating in a socket, but by magnetically docking with your computer. So if you trip over it, the cable comes away without wrecking your computer. And Znaps now grants this functionality to everything you own; or at least, everything you own with a Lightning or micro-USB connector.

Magnetic Personality

Magnets actually have a lot more potential than you might think; for example, you can plug in your phone without looking. But first, you need to set it up. Znaps does this with a two part process. First, you put a small tab in your phone that corresponds to your port; it doesn’t matter what kind, as Znaps will work with any Lightning or micro-USB port.

Then, slide a sleeve over your cable. That’s it. You’re all set. Your newly sleeved cable will click into the port with nary an issue, it does away with worrying about which end of the cable to use, and it waterproofs your phone.

Magnets: They Work

If all this sounds great, well, it gets better; one set is just $9 from the Kickstarter currently running. And really, $9 is worth it to never have to deal with a cord again, to just jab it at the port and have it charge, and to reinforce that waterproofing. And if nothing else, it’ll be worth it to troll the Apple fanboy you know, once he starts gloating about Magsafe connectors.

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