Where Does the Rubber Gasket Go on a Blender?

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Updated May 31, 2023

Kitchen blenders are some of the most helpful food appliances we can use. That said, it’s not all fancy dips and margaritas when it comes to owning a blender. Like any kitchen appliance, there is some occasional maintenance you need to do whether you own the best blender or not. One of the most critical blender parts is the rubber gasket on the bottom of your blender glass jar. This rubber seal gets dirty and wears down over time, and it can cause a severe blender leak. If you need to install a new blender seal but are still wondering where the rubber gasket goes on a blender, we’ve got you covered.


  • Replacing a blender gasket only requires the parts and a few essential tools like gloves and a knife.
  • Some blenders require specialized gaskets that you need to order from the manufacturer.
  • You can locate the rubber blender gasket on the bottom of the blender jar.

What do Gaskets Do?

Rubber blender gaskets act as a seal on the bottom of your blender jar. It doesn’t matter if you have a glass jar blender or plastic, the gasket forms a seal between your blender container and the blade assembly. This seal creates an air vacuum and stops your freshly blended foods and drinks from splashing all over the floor when you remove the blender container from the blender base. In addition, you need this gasket to keep liquid from spilling from the space between the jar and the blender assembly. If your blender has a powerful motor, it’s even more important to keep the blender gasket in good condition to avoid leaks.

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For tools, you’ll need a thin prying tool like a knife, a new gasket, and possibly, liquid soap.

How Often Should I Replace a Blender Gasket?

Over time, the heat from foods and washing can loosen and degrade the gasket seal between your blender jar and the blender blades. Some experts recommend regular gasket changes because germs and grime can build on the unseen parts of a stationary blender seal. Additionally, suppose you notice any leaking from the bottom of your blender jar. In that case, it is probably time to install a new rubber blender gasket.

Where Can I Get Rubber Gaskets for My Blender?

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Keep the old seal if you still need to find a replacement gasket.

If you need to install new rubber blender gaskets, you should start by contacting your blender’s manufacturer. Often, blender parts are not interchangeable, so parts and seals for a Hamilton Beach won’t work for an Oster blender. Sometimes, your blender manufacturer won’t offer replacement parts. If that’s the case, you’ll need to visit your local hardware store. Bring your old blender seal so the hardware store clerks can help you match your old seal to a new one of a similar size. While blender parts may not be interchangeable, different types of blenders can perform the same tasks. You can substitute one blender for another. For instance, what can you use instead of an immersion blender for soups and hot sauces?

How to Install a New Rubber Gasket on a Blender

To install a rubber gasket on your blender, remove the glass container from the blender base and flip the jar upside down. Then, locate the rubber seal on the center of the bottom to get started.** For tools, you’ll need a thin prying tool like a knife, a new gasket, and possibly, liquid soap.**

Remove the Gasket from Blender

While wearing safety gloves, use a metal blade or thin screwdriver to remove the seal from the glass container. If you have difficulty removing the seal, pour hot water onto the seal to loosen the rubber. It should come unstuck with the help of your knife or thin prying tool. Keep the old seal if you still need to find a replacement gasket.

Install New Gasket on Blender Jar

Take your new seal and place it over the blade shaft. If you’re having difficulty getting the gasket on, use some liquid soap to make it easier to install. After your seal is in place, reassemble the jar base. Fill the container with clean water and let it sit for a while. If you don’t notice any leaks, you’ve successfully replaced your blender gasket.

However, if you are having problems that a new gasket can’t fix, it may be time for a new blender. if that’s the case, we have some options you can check out. For a standard countertop blender, check out our article on the Cuisinart Smartpower blender. Additionally, read our Klarstein blender review for a powerful model that also has a vacuum function for healthier blends. However, the Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL770 is an all-in-one option that is a blender, juicer, and food processor.


How Do You Clean The Rubber Seal On A Ninja Blender?

To clean a Ninja Blender seal, you can use soap and water. However, you will need to remove the gasket altogether and reinstall it after rinsing it with clean water for a deeper clean.

How Do You Shrink Rubber Seal?

To shrink a rubber seal, apply heat. For example, you can use boiling water, a hairdryer or a heat gun to shrink your rubber blender seals down to size.

Are All Blender Parts Interchangeable?

Unfortunately, not all blender parts are interchangeable. For best results, contact your blender manufacturer for information on purchasing replacement parts.

STAT: “Eating healthier” is the top reason given by personal blender users (33%) who are using the appliance more. In comparison, 31% of full-size blender users say they’re using it more often because they’re drinking more smoothies. (source)

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