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For any man who cares about his style, having a good quality wallet is something that matters a lot, and with a brand like Tommy Hilfiger, you’ll rarely go wrong. Retailing at about $27, the Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Leather Slim Bifold Wallet with a coin pocket is simple yet elegant while remaining very much functional. The wallet is guaranteed to fit in your back pocket without bulging out easily and is pretty compact, making it easy to handle. Care to find out how it ranks compared to the Best Cool Wallets in the market? Make sure you get to the end of this Best Coin Wallet review.

Why We Like It – Tommy Hilfiger Wallets for Men

Going for only $27, this Tommy Hilfiger Wallet for Men is a statement of both class and status, and its slim profile allows it to fit easily in your back pocket without any bulging. The wallet has a nice little coin pocket, though we wish it came with an ID cardholder.

  • Made of 100% leather
  • Slim profile
  • Easy to clean
  • No ID holder


The stylish design of the Tommy Hilfiger wallet gives it a very clean look. Unlike the Vera Bradley Women’s Wallet, it’s made of 100% pure leather, giving it a very smooth touch and feel. You’ll only be able to get it in blue or brown, and these dark colors will be sure to impress your husband or son, especially if you get the wallet for him as a gift.


As you probably know, genuine leather can last a very long time before you start noticing any signs of wear and tear. Most Tommy Hilfiger wallets are made of genuine leather, and this slim Bifold one is not an exception. The leather material also makes it pretty easy to clean, as all you would need is a soft cloth.


Unfold the Tommy Hilfiger wallet, and you’ll find three inner card slots, two hidden slip pockets, one bill compartment, and one coin pocket. These are slightly more storage spaces compared to what you’d find on the AnnabelZ Coin Purse, giving you a decent range of options in regards to what you’ll be able to carry around.


The Tommy Hilfiger wallet is a lot slimmer than the CLUCI Wallet for Women, and it still maintains that slim profile even when filled with cards and cash. It measures about 4.25 by 3.5 inches in length and height and is about 0.6 inches thin when empty. Its coin pocket won’t be able to hold that many coins, though, so you might as well limit how many you’ll need to carry in your wallet if you don’t want it bulging from your back pocket.


We wish that the Tommy Hilfiger wallet came with an ID card slot for easy identification, but since it doesn’t, you will be forced to slide in your identification cards along with your other credit or debit cards. The wallet also arrives in decent quality packaging, and with the Hilfiger logo on the front fold, it’s a wallet that you’ll be proud to showcase whenever you’re out and about. For a better wallet with RFID blocking technology, try the Vaultskin Notting Hill Slim wallet.

Tommy Hilfiger Wallets for Men Wrap Up

There’s no question about quality when dealing with products from Tommy Hilfiger, so if you want to use a wallet that makes a statement and conveys style, Tommy Hilfiger Wallets will not disappoint.

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