The iRig Keys I/O All In One Music Production Station

Musicians are going to love this All In One. It lets you do your thing while on the go, but packs in some serious power and features.

iRig Has Power and Versatility

The iRig Keys I/O is an all-in-one music production station that goes anywhere. It is a total music production system in a controller. Moreover, this is the only one available that integrates 25 or 49 full-sized keys with a fully-fledged professional audio interface that has 24-bit audio up to 96kHz sampling rate, balanced stereo and headphone outputs, a combo input jack for line, instrument or mic input (with Phantom power.)

Are you impressed yet? It has an audio interface and also has all the controls you would expect from a premium controller including velocity sensitive multicolored pads and programmable touch-sensitive sliders, along with buttons and knobs.

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Both the 25 and 49 key versions have the smallest controllers with full-sized keys on the market. You are going to love these for working in small spaces and also when you go on the road. Adding to their versatility, they can even work on AA batteries. So you are pretty much covered, whatever the situation is.

iRig Keys I/O will work out of the box with all iOS devices including the latest generation of iPhone 7, that does not have an audio output. The included Lightning cable allows for straight plug-and-play with Apple iOS devices, while the USB cable connects Mac and PCs.

These production stations feature a fast synth-action key bed that improves on all preceding IK keyboards that came before. Both the models have one volume/ data push knob, 4 touch sensitive knobs on 2 banks and 8 multicolored, velocity sensitive pads. There are also 2 fully programmable touch control strips acting by default as Pitch and Mod controls allowing for dramatic performances in any genre and double as fully programmable sliders.

The iRig Keys I O All In One Music Production Station
This All In One will help you to create anywhere.

Everything You Need In One Unit

These bad boys will allow you to get a lot more creative no matter what your lifestyle is like. Musicians and audio enthusiasts will love it.

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