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The Aware Ensures You Never Lose Your Car Again

You would think losing an object the size and weight of a car would be impossible. After all, it’s a gigantic hunk of metal and plastic; surely you can’t just lose it, right? And, yet, we’ve all experienced the annoyance of losing our cars; they hide in mall parking lots, they blend in with the herd on side streets, and generally make locating them a pain. The Aware, though, ensures that you can find your car no matter how sneaky the thing gets.

Self Aware

The Aware is simply a $10 sensor that you can put in your car and pair with an app. Yep, that’s it, that’s all you do. Then, as you’re walking, when you get near your car a little icon will appear in the corner of your lockscreen. Swipe open the app, and you’ll be able to track where your car is and find it with ease.

Once you’re inside your car, the app’s still useful; it collects your favorite travel apps under one banner and provides “contextual launch” (i.e. it fires up the apps depending on what you’re doing) so you can track your commute time, get out your favorite driving app, and otherwise keep your car on the road without having to look away or otherwise be distracted.

Aware And Alive

A user of the Aware app.

The Aware app is available when you’re close to your car.

Best of all, you can just leave this in your car; the Aware runs off a watch battery and has a stand-by time of one year, so you’ll be able to keep track of your car easily and keep being able to use the Aware for a long, long time. Besides, if nothing else, keeping your car when you can find it will reduce those embarrassing long walks at the mall. You’ll just have to get your exercise at the actual mall, walking around.

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