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The H9 from Teamgee is an excellent choice for those looking for a slim and traditional longboard style electric skateboard. It has powerful dual motors, good range, great design, ergonomics, and an easy to use wireless remote. We reckon this could be the best electric skateboard in its price range.

Why We Like It – Teamgee H9

The Teamgee H9 electric skateboard features two 480W motors that can propel the rider to a top speed of 42 km per hour. It has a traditional longboard design with large wheels and the inbuilt battery provides long range. The wireless remote control also offers four modes for speed and braking.

  • Powerful dual 480W hub motors
  • Up to 18km range from a single charge
  • Top speed up to 42 km per hour
  • Heavy


There are dual 480W hub motors installed on the H9 electric skateboard. This equates to a maximum top speed of about 42 kmph, and makes it one of the fastest electric skateboards around. The built-in battery, which takes about two hours to fully charge, offers a range of 18 kms under ideal conditions. The board can climb up a 25 percent gradient hill, and carry a max load of 100 kilos. If you’re looking for something slightly less powerful, try the Teamgee H5 Electric Skateboard.


The Teamgee H9 is the thinnest electric skateboard from the company with a thickness of 1.5 cm. It features a reverse mounted bridge with a deck that’s made of 10 ply Canadian maple and 1 ply fiberglass. The thin polymer batteries are placed inside the deck, which provides rigidity when riding. It gets detachable motor wheels, offers IP54 protection, and weighs 6.9 kilos. Overall, the Teamgee H9 looks like a regular longboard with slightly larger wheels. The Swagtron Swagskate NG3 Electric Skateboard is a good alternative if you want something smaller and lighter.


Compared to other electric skateboards in the market, the Teamgee H9 offers more features for a lesser price. You get dual motors, detachable motor wheels, eye-catching ultra-thin design, good range, battery life, and top speed. The wireless remote control features four speed and brake modes, which lets you control the intensity of acceleration and the braking. The skateboard has easily replaceable wheels, which can add new life to it. Want something more affordable? Check out the RazorX Longboard Electric Skateboard.

Teamgee H9 Wrap Up

The Teamgee H9 electric skateboard is a great choice for riders who want something powerful and reliable. The dual brushless 480W motors offer a top speed of 40 kmph, while the in-built battery can last up to 18 kms on a single charge. Although the board can be a little heavy, it is quite thin and easy to carry around.

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