T-Mobile Has A Secret Plan That Costs $30/month, 5GB of Data and Unlimited Texts

T-Mobile $30 a month plan

Unlimited mobile data doesn’t come cheap. But you already probably know that if you’ve got a smartphone plan from any of the major carriers. However, it turns out that T-Mobile has a “hidden plan” that provides unlimited 4G data (throttled after 5GB), unlimited texts, and 100 minutes of talk time for a mere $30 a month. And even if you’re a big talker, you can always use their WiFi calling, Skype, or concede to some overages, which will likely still be less than what you’re paying now. For smartphone insurance plans check out SquareTrade.

Scoring the aforementioned $30 a month plan, though, is no easy feat.  T-Mobile’s website doesn’t heavily, if at all, advertise it and you’ll need to take a bit of a leap of faith in the process, or so it would seem.  That said, you can’t order the plan right off the bat.  You’ll first need to order a SIM card for a compatible phone.  So in other words, you’ll need to bring your own device to the party.  Once you set out to activate that SIM card online, you should be presented with the $30 a month option – just ignore the accompanying plan activation paper work, which makes no mention of it according to Cnet’s Danny Sullivan, who discovered the option.

It’s important to note that this plan is only available to new customers, and you may not be able to port your number, though I believe that latter issue to be moot since there is a legal mandate for carriers to allow number porting.  If you wanna avoid any number porting issues, your best bet is to port your number to Google Voice, which will cost you a one time fee of $20 (there are some instructions on how to do that here).

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T-Mobile doesn’t offer the best coverage compared to Verizon and AT&T.  Nevertheless, $30 a month is a stellar price, barring any talk time issues one might face.

This is where the plan is listed on T-Mobile’s site.  Just keep in mind you can’t click on it and review any information.  So you might wanna ring T-Mobile directly.

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  1. I won’t really call it a “hidden plan” because it’s plastered all over Walmart stores. It’s in fact a “Walmart Plan” in conjunction with T-Mobile. Also, it’s been around for over two years now.

    And to be honest, the service sucks because sometimes the signal reception is horrible as well as a delayed call reception.

  2. I had no trouble porting my phone number from another t-mobile phone to a new phone and new sim, and going with this plan, the t-mobile rep called it the “$30 Walmart plan”.

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