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Star Wars Millenium Falcon Guitar (video)


Generally speaking, picking up the gold old axe tends to attract the ladies.  But something tells us that this Star Wars inspired guitar will do anything but.  In fact, it might have them running for the closest escape pod, unless of course they’re a Princess Leia impersonator, and even then that might be a stretch.

The Millenium Falcon guitar was cobbled together by YouTube users Brian Fisk.  While some might argue that repurposing a Star Wars toy is blasphemy, we’re gonna give him a pass, especially considering he left the lights and sound effects intact.  Yes, they really work, which means during mid jam you can toss in some extra pizazz and if that doesn’t attract the Star Wars nerds to this custom build we don’t know what will.  For extra nerd credit, he even added his own Hyperdrive light, you know, for when your jams reach the speed of light, or something like that.   And let’s not forget about the R2D2 headstock.

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