Sprint’s New $80 Unlimited Phone Plan: No Video Allowed

First came the deals to cut your monthly phone bill in half when you switched to Sprint. Now the company is creating a new unlimited phone plan to bring in the new customers – and the prices are once against ultra-competitive….with one really nasty video caveat.

Technically, Sprint is unleashing combing a few old unlimited plans together with it’s “All In” plan, which starts at $80 per month and features a brand-happy “#AllIn” hashtag, plus David Beckham. The contract gives a high-end phone with options like an iPhone 6, and provides unlimited talk, text and data. While this is actually a bit higher for users of Sprint’s old iPhone plan (which was set at $70), it still sounds like a pretty great deal for unlimited everything…until you start looking at the fine print.


You see, Sprint doesn’t mind you using all the data you want – as long as you aren’t watching video. Boot up some streaming content on one of your mobile devices, and several heavy-hand restrictions will pop in. Your video speeds will stream at 3G levels, and other notifications warn that streaming video will never go above 600Kbps, which you may recognize as about half of what it would take to watch Netflix reliably.

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On one hand, this is clearly a cost control measure and the phone plan might as well be called “Unlimited for People Who Don’t Watch Videos on Phones.” On the other hand, this is particularly frustrating because Sprint doesn’t seem to be able to make up its mind about these sorts of policies.

The company recently said that it was no longer going to throttle heavy data users (coinciding nicely with data throttling becoming specifically illegal under new neutrality news). But this feels like a newer, more open type of throttling – that happens all the time – rather than a change for the better. What do you think – is an unlimited plan that essentially bans video streaming worthwhile at $80 per month?

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