Sprint’s Early Upgrade “One Up” Plan Loses A Life


Hey, remember Sprint’s One Up early upgrade plan? Yeah, neither does anyone else: It’s being put out to pasture just four months after it was introduced. Oh Sprint. Why did you have to grab the poison mushroom?

One Down

The Sprint “One Up” plan was clearly inspired by T-Mobile’s similar video-game-titled JUMP! plan, wherein you pay T-Mobile $10 every month for the privilege of upgrading your phone every six months or so. It works for T-Mobile because they’re basically no longer a traditional cellular carrier; as a result of their deal with AT&T imploding, they’ve doubled down on odd experiments and new ideas… many of which seem to be working. But not so much for Sprint.

Not A Sprint So Much As A Fall

Sprint has chosen to replace the One Up plan with the oddly named “Framily” plan, a recent idea where essentially you and your friends all get on the same plan to drive down your bill, making it as cheap as $25. In other words, Sprint has gone from trying to sell you a new phone every year to trying to sell you cellular service at a bulk discount. Which is undeniably an interesting strategy, but it does raise a couple of questions worth asking.

Extra Lives?


First of all, was the plan torpedoed for lack of interest, or because of too much interest? If Sprint found itself on the hook for a bunch of plans it couldn’t pay for, the network has problems that go a lot deeper than just a gimmicky idea that didn’t work. Secondly, will Verizon and AT&T join Sprint? Because if that doesn’t happen, then Sprint might once again find itself behind the eight-ball in the mobile industry. But, hey, at least if you’ve got seven friends that use Sprint, you can drive down the cost of your bill.

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