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Sprint Deal Attacks AT&T with Free Wireless for DirecTV Customers

As recent promotions have shown us, Sprint isn’t so a much a “shot over the bow” company as it is “cannon directly in your face” when it comes to winning customers over from the other (larger) providers. Learn more about 5 of the best aftermarket smartphone insurance plans.

The latest Sprint deal is targeting DirecTV customers with special deals and a ton of free service…if they’ll sign up. What’s the big deal here? Well, if you’ve been paying attention to service provider news (we do it for you, no worries) you may already know that AT&T has bought DirecTV and is busy incorporating DirecTV offerings into its packages and services. Sprint is essentially poking AT&T in the eye with a deal aimed at DirecTV customers, although obviously Sprint has no DirecTV ties of its own.

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The deal works this way: Prove that you are a DirecTV customer by uploading one of your bills online, then pick out a Sprint deal plan as part of the switch. You can have up to five phones on the plan, which also included unlimited talk, text and 2 GB of data per phone: Customize your package, and get the whole thing totally free for the first 12 months.


If you are wise to the ways of wireless providers, you are probably thinking, “Aha! But what about when the first year is up? Do my rates skyrocket?” Well, that depends on the number of phones you’ve got. One line will be $50 per month after the first year. Two lines will be $90 per month. Three to five lines will be $120 per month. While the data limit is pretty low, these are still competitive rates, or at least not dealbreakers for those interested in the discount.

Analysis is divided on whether this is a sign of desperation from the company (Sprint is probably going to lose quite a bit of money on this deal) or a smart maneuver that will make AT&T’s acquisition more of a burden. But it is certainly winning Sprint some attention, which was probably always the point.

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