Spider Glove Puts A Dart Launcher On Your Wrist

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Updated June 27, 2022

If you love Nerf, and since you’re reading this we’re assuming you do since even heartless machines find joy in Nerf, you probably long for more and cooler Nerf toys. Unfortunately, the Nerf organization can only put out so many weapons of mass destruction on a yearly basis. Fortunately, other foam dart companies are stepping into this gap, like the ones making the Spider Glove. If you really want to upgrade your spy gear, you might also like our review of these hand powered walkie talkies. If you’re looking for a place to store your kids spy gear, check out our page about how the Living Cube maximizes space in tiny apartments. Or, you might also want the ring clock that is shockingly tough for your home.

Does Everything A Nerf Spider Can

It’s really fairly simple. Slot a dart in the barrel and when you spot a target, point your dart at them and squeeze your hand. The dart will go flying and you can duck behind cover to reload from the wristband quiver. Yeah, it’s not self-reloading; you’ll need to reload by hand. This is more of a backup Nerf weapon than your primary firing tool. If you need help getting rid of any bad habits for good, the Pavlock device is the gadget for you. And if you want to look at the latest in tech, you should also look at our review of the Glowforge.

Kids Only


There is a downside or two to a wrist-mounted launcher, the first being that it’s just for kids; some small-handed adults may be able to squeeze this on, but the rest of us will just have to watch, wistfully, as armed children run around hosing each other with foam rubber darts. Oh, and the bulb that powers the gun had been be firmly seated and sealed, or otherwise this isn’t going to last long. You might also love these 14 high tech gloves that will do more than just keep your fingers warm. Also, if you’re looking to transform your house into a cool mysterious home, one way to do it is by implementing one of these 15 secret doors disguised as bookshelves.

Still, at $20 from ThinkGeek, this will create joyous, Nerfy memories. And aren’t those truly priceless?

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