Signstek Electric Portable Air Pump Inflator Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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If you’re looking to put together a small party, one that needs balloon decorations lacking helium, the Signstek Electric Portable Air Pump Inflator makes a good case to be the best balloon pump. Part of its success is automatically inflating balloons in a matter of seconds, a sign of its good inflation rate. Always have the right tools for the best toys games.

Why We Like It – Signstek Electric Portable Air Pump Inflator

Forget about using hand pumps and go electric. With this air pump, inflating a balloon with air takes only a few seconds compared to the minute you’d spend with your own mouth.

  • Can inflate automatically or semi-automatically
  • Superior performance to a hand pump
  • Affordable
  • Only inflates balloons with air, not helium
  • Has a single nozzle


Yes, it’s true: the Signstek Electric Portable Air Pump Inflator is really good at inflating balloons. Its 700L/min air volume helps, forcing air in at a rate that can inflate a single balloon in under 5 seconds, depending on the size of the balloon you want. It also helps that it’s automatic. What it fails to do is blow helium or have some kind of helium extension. At the same time, it didn’t make or break our decision. If you’re building balloon arches, you can have one built in under a half hour, easily. Can you imagine doing that with a Tota 2 Way Action Balloon Pump For Balloons? No thanks! In case you want to check out a go kart with a variable speed foot pedal acceleration that reaches 12 mph, click our Razor crazy cart review.


Overall the Signstek Electric Portable Air Pump Inflator is pretty durable. Its outer casing is obviously plastic but a tough plastic nonetheless. It has one inflation port, which is a real shame as it reduces the Signstek’s performance. The Yofit Portable Electric Inflator Decorations, for example, has two. Still, the power switch for both controls two operation modes automatic and semi-automatic, to avoid blowing balloon sizes too large. For a smaller one semi automatic please choose the left-hand switch for semi automatic mode. Press the switch the other way to initiate automatic blowing. Searching for fun educational toys for kids who are between the ages of 3-5 years? Open our Skoolzy rainbow counting bears review.


Taking into consideration the Signstek Electric Portable Household Air Blower Electric Balloon AIr Pump Inflator can do and its overall durable design, this electric air pump has good value—especially if you’re putting together balloon decorations. You even get free shipping. With that said, there are better electric balloon pumps available for the same price—sometimes cheaper. Electric air pumps like the IDAODAN Portable Dual Nozzle Balloon Air Pump are slightly better in performance, cheaper, and blow up two balloons at a time.

Signstek Electric Portable Air Pump Inflator Wrap Up

The Signstek Electric Portable Air Pump Inflator is an affordable workhorse—especially with automatic and semi automatic press buttons. If its superior performance gets too much, please choose semi automatic for better control. We would’ve liked to use helium, but its single nozzle was a real bummer. It can be a real game-changer depending on the situation.

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